Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday Shopping

What a long day! Today, Rhoda and I meet up to do some shopping and an open house in Burnaby (by Coquitlam). It was not a terrible day but a bit cloudy with bits of rain in some parts of the afternoon. I parked my car at her place so we could take one car and we drove out to the open house in Burnaby (Coquitlam border, gosh, we didn't realize how far we had to go!). The house was in reasonably good condition but we didn't like the style or the layout of the house, although the piece of property was HUGE. For $550,000 that isn't too bad, if I bought it, I would tear down the house and build a 4-plex on that piece of property and make some money!! After checking the OP, we decided since we were so close to Coquitlam Centre, we should stop by for a bit before heading over to IKEA and Superstore on Lougheed. I still hadn't been to the H&M in Coquitlam Centre and wanted to see what all the hype was. A bit of a disappointment cos it didn't really impress me that much. Yes, the store was huge and lots of inexpensive trendy items but the store was disorganized and very messy! I can't shop in messy stores and couldn't really find anything that stood out at me except for a very pretty detailed bikini which I purchased for $35! That was a great deal :) After H&M, we checked out Aritzia cos that was newly renovated but I didn't like the items they stocked cos it was targeted to the younger crowd. I decided I needed one more coffee to go before heading over to IKEA or Superstore cos I had a headache from the alcohol from last night. Gosh, it was pretty bad headache cos after many cups of coffee, the headache still wouldn't go away! Jess called Rhoda while I was in Starbucks picking up my 5th or 6th cup of coffee and she wanted to come with us to IKEA and Superstore. Since she had just started to eat her cooked noodles, we stuck around the shopping centre for another 30 minutes while we waited for her to finish up. We did a nice scenic route to IKEA (we entered the wrong exit! don't ask...) and we finally got to IKEA to meet Jess. She had already started shopping without us and we met downstairs where all the little items were stocked. We picked up a few items, I bought a compact retractable dish drainer and a couple of things for my mom. Jess picked up some much needed household items and then it was off to Superstore! I love the Superstore on Lougheed, it is so huge and so much nicer than ours! After our grocery shopping, we realized it was almost 9pm and gosh, was I ever hungry! We decided on Milestones on Lougheed in Burnaby, close by to Jess and Rhoda's and Rhoda still had a Milestones gift card to use up. After dinner, it was time to call it a night and gosh, was I ever tired! It was so much fun hanging out with Rhoda and Jess for the day! I think we should do more grocery shopping together, it's so much fun!

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