Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Kay!

Happy Birthday Kay!

Today, she turned 14 years young! Wow, 14 years... I can't believe it's been 14 years.....

This morning, I had a couple of small surprises for her becos she wasn't going to get her big gifts until dinner time so I wanted to have a little something for her first thing in the morning. She opened her birthday bag which had her fave aerie underwear and in her handbag, she found a new lip gloss from MAC. I wanted to make her a birthday breakfast but both of us snoozed for 30 minutes this morning. I'll make her a big birthday breakfast on Saturday morning with heart shaped french toast and sausages or bacon, her fave! At school, she had a great time! She got tons of HB hugs/kisses (not from the boys!), her locker was decorated by her friends, and she felt really special. I'm so happy to hear that :) She deserves it!

After work, we met Rhoda and Jess at their place cos we had dinner reservations at Baci's for 6.30pm. Kay and Rhoda were all dressed up but Jess and I were a bit casual. I wanted to wear my R&Rs cos those are super comfy! Jess didn't realize we were suppose to dress up! Hehehe... but those two looked great :) Once we arrived to the restaurant, we all had to decide what we wanted to order. Kay was now a little lady and she had to start making decisions. I guess she wasn't really sure what to order cos the menu had used fancy words and I don't think she really understood it but finally, once she got it, she decided on something and it turned out to be a really good one! She ordered the Tortellini all Panna which is veal stuffed tortellini with a creamy garlic sauce, ohmygosh, so super yummy! I'm ordering that one next time :) I had the Ravioli del Cardinal which is meat stuffed ravioli with peas in a creamy tomato sauce, super yummy and light :) Dinner was scrumptious and Kay really enjoyed it, when they came by with the dessert menu, Kay was really excited to order dessert but she had no clue that Rhoda and I picked up a Cupcakes birthday cake for her and gosh was she ever surprised when they came out with the cake and started singing HB to her! :) We gave her birthday presents in between our appetizers, meals and cake. Gosh, did she ever get SPOILED! AND She totally deserves it. She expected and loved her new pink ipod, buds and clear hard plastic case for her ipod. She got those awesome speakers from Jess and Rhoda gave her the Juicy Couture sunglasses which she loved. Jess is a dahling and such an awesome person, she gave me three "Happy" gifts to open and Rhoda got one too! Apparently, she broke up my gift box cos she wanted to sneak it back through the border. We got a really cool Too Faced California Glamin' Extreme Lash and Bronzing Set from Sephora! It was such a nice surprise and it def made me really happy :) Love you Jess, you are too sweet and thoughtful! I love the mini retractable "teddy bear hair" brush, it's sooooo soft! After presents and cake, we all headed home, we dropped Jess off at B's and then we headed back to her place cos my car was parked there. It was such a great night and Kay had the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! (those are her words) :) We love you Kay and you totally deserve it!

Enjoy birthday photos on my flickr!!

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