Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma!


Tonight we celebrated my grandmother's 89th birthday at Red Star Seafood Restaurant on Granville Street in Vancouver. Reservations were early cos the only reservation time slots were 6.30 or 8.30 and 8.30 would have been way too late for all of us esp for my brother cos he usually parties over the weekend.

Mom and I decided to take grandma shopping in the afteroon cos grams still had a Winner's gift card from her birthday last year that she hadn't used. My grams doesn't get out to go shopping much anymore with us cos she gets tired quite easily plus she has to take her time walking. We took her to Oakridge Centre cos mom had to hit the Fido kiosk to inquire about a new cellphone and plan. After Fido, we took her over to The Bay cos we knew she liked shopping there plus she hadn't been in The Bay for quite some time. There were a ton of sales on shoes and clothing but no one (except for me) ended up with something and it wasn't a pair of shoes (even though I was close to purchasing a pair!). I picked out a lovely Kensie silk dress for less than $80! Wow! It was the last size small (xsmall would have been better) but the dress is beautiful and although there was a small tear at the seam, my mom said she could fix that up no problem. Totally worth the buy, I am so excited and I can't wait to wear it. After shopping at The Bay, we decided to head over to the new Winners on Cambie street, there's also a new Home Depot and Save On Foods too. Unfortunately, Winners/Home Sense was not opened yet which meant grams didn't get the chance to use her gift card instead we decided to check out Home Depot, Canadian Tire and Best Buy. Gosh, it was so hot today! I almost fainted in the heat and it was only a block and half walk. After our shopping, we headed home to rest and refresh ourselves for dinner. My brother arrived and we decided on giving my grams a lucky red envelope instead of a gift card this time cos she's had her Winners gift card for almost 2 years!! Once Auntie Ingrid arrived, we all decided it was time to head over to the restaurant, my brother and I in one car and the rest of them in my mom's car.

Red Star Seafood Restaurant wasn't too bad, they were super busy and packed but we got a nice window table in the corner. See photos for all our lovely dishes.

After dinner, we headed home as we had gram's birthday cake in the fridge, Anna's Cake House birthday cake made with fresh taro root and fresh cream. It was a lovely way to end the night and I think my grams was happy to have us all celebrate it with her. More photos on flickr.

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