Saturday, May 17, 2008


Wow! What incredible weather we are having in Vancouver! As high as 30C today! Gosh, it was so hot that I should have worn a bikini and shorts but silly me, I decided on capris and a tank top. Most of the afternoon was spent running around doing our grocery runs as I planned on having a BBQ with a Jas and Kay's friend plus mom and grandma. Last September, I bought a portable (camping) Colemann BBQ on wheels on sale (end of the season) and hadn't tested it out since I got it. One of the reasons, I didn't have a balcony at my old apartment and it rained every time I planned on taking it outside. Then I realized I'm moving home so I might as well wait until I get there and by that time, it was winter :( So imagine how excited I was to use it today, FINALLY!! Superstore's weekly specials were grilling steak at a good price and since I was BBQ'ing, I picked up a bulk pack and what BBQ without, BURGERS! Which I picked up last week and those are sitting in our freezer. Asparagus is great on the grill and those were on sale for $1.88 a bunch! After the grocery runs, I couldn't believe it was almost 6pm! Our afternoon went by fast, I guess it goes by faster when you have a ton of things to do plus you get out of the house late! Jas had already arrived and was waiting when we got home. She had bought cupcakes for us but it had melted cos of the heat but they still tasted good! After getting myself ready for the BBQ, we attached the propane onto the BBQ and it didn't work! I couldn't believe it! No BBQ?!?! Lucky for us, my mom had a tabletop bbq and we had to settle for that :( I'm a little pissed off but will have to figure out why it doesn't work, will have to call the customer service on the instruction booklet to warrantee the BBQ. After cooking the burgers and steaks on the smaller bbq, I decided to blanch the asparagus instead and I served a greek salad on the side. No carbs except for the burger buns, we had quite a bit of meat. My mom inquired about the salmon fillet I picked up at Superstore but told her no way was I using my perfectly good salmon on that little BBQ! I was going to bake it and add it as a side to my herb salad for lunch. After serving my mom and grandma first, then the girls and then me and Jas, I realized there was quite a bit of food. Wished I had taken more photos to show you all the yummy food we had but I was too busy prepping while Jas was kind enough to watch and cook over the BBQ while I prepped. I did take a photo of my greek salad cos I wanted Rhoda to check out this post and see what a REAL GREEK SALAD is ;) I love you babe and your greek salad was good a little ghetto but good ;-) Everyone enjoyed the food and the weather, once we were done, the girls went inside to play Kay's Wii and Jas and I cleaned up the mess. Gosh is it ever a lot of work holding a BBQ even a small one! Once we were done, after bit of a rest and Jas got some time with the guitar hero on the Wii, we all had a cupcake, mmmm those are yummy! A great way to end off a great night with good peeps, good food and a great dessert! Chocolate :)


Dragongrl said...

why waste food when you know you're not gonna eat them???

Trish said...

ok, got your point, then next time you make your salad, don't call it a greek salad, call it a tomato and cucumber salad or a dragongrl special! hehehe ;)