Friday, June 01, 2007

3 day weekend!

Woohoo! Three day weekend! I have Friday off because of the long and stressful week during this crazy proposal.

But the day started early as if I was going to work because I needed to take Kay downtown so she could spend a day with Rhoda. Today, Kay's class is having a "Bring your kid to work" day and since I knew I was going to have a stressful week, I asked if Rhoda could take her. Lucky she did as I ended up with having a day off!

Heading downtown, I dropped Kay off and checked out Rhoda's office, really nice and comfy. After dropping Kay off, I headed into my office to check on the items that I had done yesterday and to be sure they did get published on the site. This is stuff I was working on until 4.00pm last night! The girls told me everything got sent out and they were kicking me out of the office, it was my day off and I shouldn't be in there! Hahaha... yeah I know but it's hard not to think about it when you work on something like this, your mind does not relax until you are completely sure it's all done. AND Even when you think you are finished, there is always the little doubt that something could have gone wrong or something got missed! I hate that feeling!

After checking out the office, I decided to head over to LD to get my passport photos done since I am planning on heading over to Hong Kong this fall (probably October or November), and I need to renew my passport. Mine expired late last year and I have been procrastinating because of the long line ups and wait times at the passport offices! I have heard it can take months to get your Canadian passport! Hopefully, I will get mine within a few weeks or so, I am planning to take another day off this upcoming week or the next probably mid week, to line up at the passport office. At LD, the photo lab person, told me no smiling, hair out of face and no shiny spots on your face. Wow are they ever picky or what! I hate my passport photo, I look horrible and it's already hard for me to take good photos when smiling but when I am not smiling, they always look horrible! UGH. I hate those damn passport photos....

I headed over to HBC because I need nylons and stuff. Also, I wanted to check out the lingerie section. I ended up doing a little bit of shopping there and I needed to head back to Rhoda's office to have lunch (her office was having a Hot Dog Day - proceeds to go to their Christmas Party) but decided to make a quick stop over to Holt Renfrew. I AM IN LOVE WITH THE NEW HOLT RENFREW, it's BEAUTIFUL. Feels very New York - Manhattan like. Love it, Love it, Love it! I love the Dior boutique, it is much larger than their old boutique and I ended up buying a pair of beautiful sunglasses that I have been eyeing for quite some time. After my little bit of shopping, I was getting hungry and needed to head over to Rhoda's office to have lunch and visit Kay. I didn't tell Rhoda or Kay that I had bought a pair of sunglasses but Jess (Rhoda's little sister) kept asking about what I bought cuz she figured out that I had stopped at the Dior boutique. She nearly had a fit when she saw that I had purchased a pair of sunglasses when I should have known better! Every asian person knows that you can buy designer luxury brand sunglasses at half the retail at any asian optical store. Jess and her friend, Karen were heading over to the Holt Renfrew on their lunch break so I dragged my butt back over there to return the sunglasses because I knew better. I will hit an asian optical store next weekend to buy them. We strolled around the store again and those two wanted to look at the Chanel boutique. Wow, I didn't realize how expensive Chanel handbags were and I really would love to own one but I think I will have to wait a while before I can own one. After Holt Renfrew, we went into Pacific Centre mall because those two wanted to go to Aritzia to pick up some stuff with their gift cards. After a bit of shopping, Karen had to go back while Jess finished off her shopping. Apparently, Jess can take up to a 2 hour lunch break, wow how nice is that?

We arrived back to the office and I finally had a hot dog, checked out Rhoda's office / desk area. Chit chatted with her about the following week and talked about her plans for the weekend. I went to say good bye to Jess before I left and she managed to convince me to pick up her cute top from the Oakridge Aritzia so that she wouldn't have to stop there before heading home. I stopped to chat with Karen before I left, she's such a funny and sweet girl!

After I dropped off my shopping bag at home, I headed over to Oakridge Centre to pick up Jess's top from Aritzia and I ended up buying a really cute top from Jacob. No more shopping!

Jess dropped Kay off around 5.30pm and Kay started to get ready for her dance tonight. I headed over to Black Dog Video and rented a couple of videos for the weekend. What a day! It was super hot and lovely weather, not going to last as the rain and clouds are coming in on Sunday night.

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