Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

Tonight for father's day dinner, we (Kay, my brother and I) took my dad to place called Spicy and Garlic which used to be Honolulu Cafe, a Hong Kong style diner/cafe. The food is still pretty much the same and it was an inexpensive meal. My father picked it out because he did not want us to spend too much money on him because that is just how my father is, always considerate of our bank accounts. My father always has some funny story to tell, like how last Friday was a very bad Friday. He ended up scratching the passenger's side on his volvo at the gas station. Let's say my father was a bit impatient and underestimated the width between two cars while maneuvering his car to the next pump. Yep I am sure you can now just imagine the situation. My brother and I found it quite amusing and how he continued to drive through the opening once he realized he was scraping the other car. His thoughts? He had already done the damage so why stop since the reason he got into this "accident" was to reach the other pump! Hahaha ... my dad is so damn amusing!

After our dinner, we all headed our separate ways except Kay and I had to drive daddy back to his place and he also wanted to show us his new electronic gadget. He was very excited about it and can you believe he got it on sale, his new Acer laptop with a 17 or 18" monitor. Yes very pretty but not necessary. He does not need it, he's already got 2 or 3 PCs. Oh well. Kay and I stayed a bit while we waited for Rhoda and Jess, we made plans with them to visit the night market. We parked the car at daddy's and headed to the night market in Jess's car. You know it's not free parking unless you plan on parking far away so we decided on taking one car only. Although, I've been to the night market a few times already, I was told that last weekend was the official grand opening for the night market. Tonight, the night market wasn't too packed as we arrived around 8.00 or 8.30ish and the start of the market is 7. There were def. a lot more booths than the last time I was here. Tons of stuff to pick up but I was good, I didn't buy anything! I have to go back for some pretty bling bling hair clips (coz I love hair clips esp. jewelled ones) and a set of professional make up brushes. The set was reasonably priced and the quality of the brushes were pretty close if not the same as the ones I could get at the professional salon/boutique. Rhoda and Jess ended up buying a cool nail kit. The kit includes metal plates, nail polish and a rubber stamp. Professional looking nails by a salon except you DIY. Very cool, I think we might have to pick up a set of those too coz those are cool! After we walked around the entire night market except for the food part, we headed back to my dad's to pick up my car and we headed home. Boy, it's been a long night!

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psychorich said...

Wow! Your dad actually looks happier than I remembered. He seemed really stressed out the last time I saw him.