Sunday, June 03, 2007

Weekend with the Family

This weekend was all about the family. Well I guess like most weekends, I spend a lot of time with my mom and every so often I mix it up and see my dad as well. On Saturday, I headed over to my mom's in the late afternoon because she was having lunch with an old friend and would not be home early. That gave me a bit of time for myself. We were suppose to go grocery shopping but it was way too hot to go shopping and we decided to stay in. It was mid 20s, blah, hot, yuck... After a couple of hours, my Auntie Ingrid came by and we headed over to White Spot for dinner. Auntie Ingrid is chinese but white, she doesn't really eat chinese food and my mom is chinese chinese and prefers chinese food. Mom can tolerate White Spot but not Milestones, Earls or Cactus Club. Finishing off our dinner, I had a triple o burger platter (been craving for burgers for a few weeks!), mom wanted to know where the gelato place is. I had picked up half a litre of Horlicks gelato for her a few weeks ago and she loved it. Mario's Gelato is in the downtown core and one shop located in Richmond. I decided to head over to Richmond because Aberdeen Centre has free parking and there are tons of parking. With a day like today it is unlikely that we will find any parking in downtown and there will probably be a lot of traffic. Once we arrived to the Gelato shop, they did not have any Horlicks ice cream left! Oh well, we tried other flavours and still yummy (although I did not finish mine because I was so full from my platter!). After dessert, I dropped those two off (they were going to catch a dvd) and I headed home to watch my dvd.

On Sunday, Kay and I went over to Richmond (yes again!) to see my father. We hadn't seen him in a couple of weeks and it was a family dinner, I guess you could call it. My father updated us with details on what was going on with the two condos. My brother seemed less angry with my father and the situation. Although I know it's tough for my brother, I realize it's also tough for my father. I really don't want to be in the middle of this but am not left with a choice. For dinner, we decided to try out a new hot pot place in Lansdowne Mall called Mongolian Hot Pot. We obviously ordered way too much food and they didn't have a good choice of soup base. We picked one that had a spicy and non spicy sides but I guess Mongolian style hot pot is different from Cantonese or Taiwanese because they served the soup base with a ton of spices and stuff. Kay did not like the soup base at all and she didn't eat very much. So basically we had a lot of food left. I didn't mind it but I def. prefer the HKYK on No. 3 Road, they serve a really yummy satay soup base! After our meal, we parted ways and Kay and I felt pretty darn sick afterwards. Oh yes, I need to mention that my father thought Kay could use some new dresses and gave four fugly dresses to Kay. My brother and I totally teased Kay a bit with it, we told her she could wear one of them (the tackiest fugliest dress in the pile) to her Grade 7 Grad - hahaha! After dinner, we headed to daddy's place so he could give her a new cellphone apparently he upgraded his Rogers plan and they gave him this phone for $50. He already had a cool phone so he gave it to Kay since she has been bugging EVERYONE for a new one! Then it was time to head home and in bed!

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psychorich said...

How about some pics of Kay wearing them peerrtty dresses?