Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dinner Party

Tonight, Kay and I were invited to a dinner party thrown together by Rhoda at AW and KH's place. It was a potluck gathering and we made a chicken with yellow peppers in a pesto sauce served with whole wheat pasta to share. We don't live too far from them, only about 20 blocks, but we decided it would be easier to drive in case we left late. Tonight, I met most of Rhoda's close friends, these people are part of her group or "crew", they have plenty of gatherings and I assume Rhoda wanted me to meet them coz I'm sure I'll be seeing a lot more of them now that Rhoda and I have become such close friends again. It was really nice to meet some new faces and reconnect with old faces. It was a pretty relaxing night until Kay spilled blue nail polish on the carpet and the hostess became a little bit upset and frantic about the carpet. Most of the night involved cleaning and removing the nail polish, everyone had a turn scrubbing and cleaning the nail polish off the carpet. Only 4 or 5 people worked on the carpet at a time while the rest were sitting in the living room chatting. I felt terrible about what happened and I thought the night might have been ruined but the ones on the floor scrubbing were chatting, joking and enjoying the conversation. After a couple of hours, when the nail polish was 98% gone and you could barely see the nail polish stain on the carpet, Rhoda, Jess and Nelson were getting ready to leave which meant Kay and I were going to call it a night as well. Everyone seemed really nice and fun to hang with and overall, it was an entertaining night except for the nail polish accident. Although I did feel a little bit out of place due to the fact that I am the "newbie" in the group and everyone has history and inside jokes, I did enjoy meeting everyone and hopefully will get to know them in the future. Oh yes, an announcement was made tonight, two of their good friends, CN and SS have announced their engagement! Wow, congrats.... I bet Rhoda is the next one!

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