Tuesday, June 19, 2007



Today, I had to drive into work because CJ could not make it out to our weekly GG workout, he had a conference to go to, yes he is that geeky! Haha. One of my biggest pet peeves is driving in rush hour and driving around downtown, Vancouver. The traffic is so congested and people drive like maniacs in the morning. When I drive downtown, I would usually take the Cambie Street bridge because it takes you right into downtown but currently the Canada Line construction makes it impossible for local traffic to get onto the street. My only route options were Main street behind or Granville street after Cambie. Taking the Granville street route would involve me driving through Cambie and I decided that is a hassle that I did not want to deal with first thing in the morning. I opted for Main street and decided to take 16th to Main, my mistake. I should have driven to 12th instead because I was stuck on Main street from 16th to 12th for about 15 minutes. There is a new condo being built on 12th and Main which means the construction company had decided to turn the normally 2 or 3 lanes to 1 lane! When I finally made it through, the traffic was not so bad until I hit the Dunsmuir viaduct towards downtown. Dunsmuir is 4 or 5 lanes of one way traffic, I knew I had quite a ways to go before making my left turn but I decided to change lanes and stay in the farthest left lane. As I neared Burrad street, I realized my lane was going to be a left turning lane but I did not want to turn left on Burrad, I wanted to turn left on Thurlow (the cheap parking lot was located on Thurlow / Alberni). I nearly smoked the car beside me when changing lanes, thankfully I checked before turning the car! Ugh, I have a really bad habit of doing that! Not checking before switching lanes. I really do appreciate CJ picking us up and driving us to the GG much more so than ever! I hate driving downtown, I hope I don't have to ever do it again!

Today was a really long day for me because I became very busy right before I was suppose to leave the office. I ended up staying almost an extra 30 minutes later to finish off some last minute items for the project manager of a new project. I did not have my cell phone and was in a panic trying to get a hold of Rhoda because I knew she was waiting for me. Thankfully I found her and we ended up at the grind before her friend took off on us. We were meeting one of Rhoda's friends at the Grind. I didn't think I was going to make it to the Grind because my tummy was not feeling well and I wasn't sleeping well which meant I was feeling really tired. But we made a commitment to do it twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays and damn it we are going to do it!!! I'm happy that we did because I felt bloody great by the end of the hike! One more minute skimmed off my time! Sweeeeeeeeeet!

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