Thursday, June 07, 2007


Wow! We beat our time from last week by 16 minutes! Rhoda and I were aiming for 1hr 5mins cuz that is what Jess did last week but I'm still pretty proud of our time this week: 1hr9mins. Today it was the hardcore GG hikers on the trail, you can tell because the weather was not the best (cloudy with a bit of rain) and the trail was a bit slippery and wet. On a nice day, I can usually pass up to 30 people but this time, I only passed 6 people. It's great because the trail was not crowded and that I think might have made a bit of difference on our time. Hiking it in my Nikes were much more comfortable than my hiking boots. But my hiking boots gave me the ankle support and my runners did not. Because I was missing the ankle support and the trail was a bit slippery, my ankles were hurting like a b*tch when I was finished. I am thinking about purchasing some ankle weights for my walking shoes so I can build strength in my ankles. I would invest in another pair of hiking boots except that I don't hike very often, just the GG and sometimes the Stawamus Chief. I don't think I really need a pair of hiking boots and prefer hiking in my runners now that I have done so in them as it feels a bit more comfortable. After we finished the GG, we jumped onto the tram and headed back down to Guest Services so we could purchase a Grouse Mountain Season Membership which allows us to ride the tram unlimited for a year plus there are perks to having the membership. I am so psyched! I think we can hit our 40 mins goal in about a month or so, wish me luck!

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Joss said...

Oh you are BRAVE. I've only done the GG twice... around 1h30 each time. I usually need a year or two in between to recuperate :) That tram ride down is the best $5 I've ever spent!