Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Vince!

Tonight, Kay, Rochelle, and I headed over to the Richmond night market to surprise Vince because today is his birthday! MH, his girl, had arranged to have all his close friends and family to come out tonight to surprise him by singing him Happy Birthday and presenting him with a beautiful fresh mango cake from Maxim's. Boy was he ever surprised! It was great! Check my flickr account for photos.

In the afternoon, I had a few things to do before heading over to the night market. First of all, I had to get my car AirCare'd and thankfully I passed; I have been procrastinating and worrying myself that I would fail. If I failed, I would not be able to renew my insurance and my insurance expires at midnight on Sunday! The reason I was really worried about it? The last time I had to take my car to Air Care, I failed twice! I used to own and drive a 1988 Mazda RX-7 and it was a fun car to drive but very bad for the environment!! Thankfully, my VW Beetle passed with flying colours! After AirCare, I headed over to Fraser street to pick up a b'day card at the Dollar Store and get my eyebrows threaded. I usually get them done once or twice a month. It costs $5.00 and she is quick. I love it, no more waxing or plucking, except for the clean up in between threading appointments. On my way home, I decided to stop by Creo Bellus to pick up my custom pearl ring from Tai. Ohmygosh, it's beautiful! I love it, so perfect and it only cost me $100 for gold and labour! Last weekend, he had given me a couple of pearls on hand to choose from. One was a small black pearl and the other one was a perfect round cultured pearl. The one my grandma had given me is a natural pearl and although it's not the most perfect pearl, it's my grandma's and I really wanted to keep this one on the ring. He is so generous and I love what he did. He is awesome! Thanks Tai! I helped him make up some professional invoices so he threw in a couple of navel rings in for free. After I finished off at Creo Bellus, I headed home and waited for Rochelle. Once she finally arrived, 30 minutes later, we headed over to the night market to surprise Vince. We didn't stay too long, only about 2 hours and I managed to get to the stand that sold make up brushes and cases, it was pretty packed, but I found him and bought one of his professional make up brush kit for $40. Before heading home, we stopped by Leisure Bubble Tea House for Kay so she could pick up a bubble tea because I didn't get one for her at the food fair in the night market. First of all, the bubble tea stands make yucky bubble tea and the line up was insanely long! No thank you, I don't wait more than 10 minutes for take out bubble tea. Plus we were already in Richmond, land of the best bubble tea houses, why the heck would I want to drop my money on an overpriced and blech! bubble tea at the night market? Picked up a few drinks from Leisure, dropped Rochelle off at her apartment in the West End and headed home. Gosh I'm tired!

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