Sunday, June 10, 2007

Birthday Fun Weekend!

Saturday - Jess's 25th B'day
First stop, Kay and I picked up a mango birthday cake from Michele's Cake shop in Kerrisdale - best mango cake in Vancouver for Jess's b'day dinner. We headed over to Rhoda's to hang out for a bit and to fit Kay's mock up. Rhoda is designing and making a "grad" dress for Kay's grade 7 graduation which is happening at the end of this month. It's going to be a really cute dress and Rhoda will even have left over material to make herself a top! As we hung out with Rhoda, we watched her get ready and apply her make up (that was interesting, she has some great make up tips!). Jess finally arrived home and once we got everything together, we left for the restaurant. The rest of the guests (mom, cousin, boyfriends) were going to meet us at the restaurant. The chinese restaurant that we were headed to was the same one that my family had celebrated Chinese New Year / Brother's B'day dinner at. Isn't that funny? Tonight was the first time Rhoda's mom and I were meeting Jess's boyfriend, B. Apparently, Jess and B have been together on and off since highschool. Rhoda and her mom are not the biggest fans of B and I think both wanted to ignore the fact that he even existed. Too bad for them and for him, it was Jess's birthday and she wanted all of us to be there together. At first, I though there might have been a bit of draMAH but surprisingly there wasn't any. Mom and Rhoda really did a good job at ignoring B throughout the dinner except for once or twice where it seemed they might have acknowledge his existence at the table. Poor guy. I do not know the whole story about B but I do know she can be with any guy out there and she chooses him. I highly respect both Mom, Rhoda and Jess so I was trying to be somewhat polite and respectful. Which is hard to do but I thought I would try to have a conversation with B and get to know him as I didn't know him at all. But it was hard as I was sitting on the other side of him. Dinner was alright, a typical chinese dinner, a little greasy but very filling. Mom ordered way too much food and everyone except for B got to take some leftovers home with them. After dinner, we had sweet tofu dessert which came with the meal and mango birthday cake. Jess opened her gifts, boy did she ever get spoiled by her big sis, sis's boyfriend, and mom. B paid for the entire meal and mom slightly acknowleged him by looking over to him and thanking him for dinner. After dinner, we all went our separate ways, Rhoda, Kay and I headed back to my house to wait for Jess cuz she was dropping B off at home. The girls and I except for Kay, were planning to hit a club with Jess's friends to continue celebrating her b'day. As we waited around for Jess's friends, Rhoda and Jess looked over some old photos of ours to catch up on the last few years which they missed. We even found some really old photos from back in the days when we, ourselves, were teenagers! Wow, I can't believe how time flies! By 10.30ish pm, we headed to Plush nightclub to meet up with Jess's friends. Clubbing is clubbing, just like how I remembered it. Loud and obnoxious. But clubbing with Jess's friends was fun, those tiny asian girls, boy can they drink! I found out that I could still hold down my liquor, although by 1.30am I was ready to go home and hit my bed. Rhoda was a designated driver and she doesn't drink much, lucky her, she didn't have to drink those shooters ordered by Jess's hard core friends. I think I had about 12 or 15 shots in about 2 hours and only started to feel buzzed by the end of the night. Damn, I can still drink :) But I def. don't miss clubbing.... as we were leaving the club, the police were coming in. Thank goodness we didn't stick around but Rhoda knew the cops were on their way as there were a few fights breaking out in the club. I found out the following day that the girls had decided to hit an after club party, thank goodness we didn't stick around for that coz I know I wouldn't have made it to that!

Sunday - 2nd day of b'day celebration
First thing we were suppose to do today was find a chocolate cheesecake for Jess. She had requested three different kinds of birthday cakes: mango cake, ice cream cake and chocolate cheesecake.
Cheescake etc. on Granville did not open this early, opens at 7.00pm and we were not able to pick up a cheesecake for her. I had not picked up a gift for Jess and we were planning to hit the mall with Rhoda to look for something before heading out to Richmond for the BBQ. Rhoda's dad was planning a birthday BBQ for Jess at his place but I didn't think it was going to happen since it was still raining and doesn't look like the sun was going to come out. We ended up having hot pot dinner at one of the small asian malls, it wasn't too bad but I forgot to grab a business card! I think I can find it though and I def. think HonHon will approve. We picked Rhoda up and headed over to Save On Foods on Lougheed to return my huge bag of bottles (we do not have a recycling depot close to us). On our way to Metrotown, Jess called to see what we were up to and where we were headed. Although, I had planned to pick something up for Jess at the mall, it didn't look like it was going to happen. We told Jess to meet us in front of Claire's because Kay was getting her ears pierced - yeah! Finally! Of course, I have been holding off on it for a number of reasons: my ear piercing experience was a horrible one, I do not like to see my baby girl in pain and I was not really pushing her to do it even though I knew she really wanted them done. Rhoda and Jess dragged us in there and did it. I was suppose to get my second set done as well but decided to wait another day to do it since I didn't want to have it done in front of Kay. You never know, I might be the one crying! Kay did really great, she didn't even flinch nor cry just a little glassy eyed. She didn't think it was as bad as I made it out to be. She obviously was not there for my first ear piercing and if she was, she would have never gotten it done! ;-) After the piercing, we were on a mission to find some white shoes for my white outfit. We walked all ove the place and could not find anything to my liking. I did find a really cute top which Jess also picked up in white, at Bedo. Bedo was having their awesome sale of 50% off everything in the store. Here for the new tube top. After walking the mall for a couple of hours and not finding my white shoes, we decided to head over to Richmond and stop by Yohan Centre. Rhoda was looking for a hula hoop in one of the little stores but they sold out and were not getting any more in, she was not happy to hear that. After walking through the mall, we decided to head over to Rhoda's dad's place. Eventually, the sun came out but by then Rhoda's dad did not want to have the BBQ as he had not bought any food for the BBQ. Because of the rain, he had decided we should go out for a hotpot dinner. We met Nelson and we all headed up to the restaurant. It was a small restaurant but yummy hot pot. I think it was a taiwanese hot pot but not sure. He didn't have any fresh seafood which sorta sucked but lots of yummy meat. Jess's boyfriend, B, got lost and didn't find the place until half way through our meal. We were all pretty much stuffed by the time he came around. Rhoda's dad really like B's company coz they were chatting up a storm, sort of. B doesn't speak or understand Cantonese and there seemed to be a language barrier between Rhoda's step mom and B. Now I understand why Rhoda is always speaking Cantonese when B is around, she doesn't want him to hear her conversation or be a part of the conversation. Yeah she really dislikes his THAT much. After dinner, we said our goodbyes, all the boyfriends left in their own cars while we girls headed out for bubble tea coz Kay loves her bubble tea. She also didn't have bubble tea in a while and Rhoda/Jess knew of this yummy place in Richmond. After bubble tea, we called it a night because it was a school/work night and it was getting late. I still needed to stop by my mom's to pick up my grandma's passport application so I can courier it off for her. It was a great weekend and we got some awesome photos. Check out my Flickr account.

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