Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Today, Kay had her Grade 7 Graduation. Yes, a Grade 7 Grad. In my opinion, grade 7 does not really need a graduation as they aren't really graduating. High school - yes, college or university - yes but elementary? Please.

Both Rhoda (her godmother) and I took half the day off work to attend her special event as per her demands. Haha, kidding! Well, not about the demanding part! Rhoda custom designed a very cute grad dress for this occasion and it is so beautiful. Once we arrived to her elementary school, we picked a spot on the side wall somewhat near the middle as I wanted to capture her moments clearly on my camera. As the gymnasium filled with the primary students from the school, one very cute little boy sitting on the benches looked over at me and asked if I was Kay's mom. I was shocked at his accuracy but as people have told me, Kay is a mini version of me. Although I don't think we look alike! :) Apparently, Kay had been punched earlier and I was a little surprised and shocked. I asked if she was ok and if she was still here. He told me she was in her classroom and she would be coming out on stage. I was getting a little bit worried and upset but once I saw her, I realized she was ok just a bit glassy eyed as if she had just stopped crying. After the ceremony, parents were allowed to come up and take photos with the students. Kay told us what happened and I could not believe that neither teacher or principal had spoken to this boy who punched Kay. Rhoda def. did not like what happened and went up to the boy's mother to speak to her about what had happened. After some discussion, we spoke with the boy about it and he was not happy with us. Apparently, this was not the first time he behaved this way, he had hit another girl (younger and in a different class) a few weeks before and hit a boy in Kay's class the day before. I am so glad Kay is finally finished at this school, the principal and her teacher are a joke! After taking photos and the excitement died down, Rhoda and I headed back to my place to wait for Kay to finish up her day.

Once we arrived home, we decided to make reservations at the Sala Thai (Kay's grad dinner) and we went through my sewing and knitting boxes. Rhoda took some of my material and patterns home with her as she was going to finish the projects I never started! Rhoda and I decided we wanted to go to Oakridge Centre and when Kay finally arrived home, she decided to hang out with her friends outside. I ended up picking up a couple of great deals!

After shopping, we dropped off our stuff at my place and headed out for dinner at Sala Thai. Yum yum, we love Thai food. That was pretty much our day. Check out Grad Photos on my flickr account.

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