Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happy Belated B'day KD

Tonight, Jas and I celebrated KD's birthday because neither one of us made it to her big b'day bash/party on Saturday night. KD choose the restaurant, Browns in Yaletown, because it was our treat and we wanted her to pick a place. The menu is similar to Cactus Club or Milestones, Westcoast Casual Cuisine. Before meeting for dinner, Jas and I did a bit of shopping on Robson and Holt Renfrew. I have been looking for a pair of white shoes for quite sometime now and have not been able to find a really great pair. When I do find a beautiful pair of white shoes, it is more than I am willing to pay for white shoes because white shoes are a seasonal wear! I did find a really beautiful pair by Stuart Weitzman but I am not willing to pay $200+ USD for them. At Oakridge Aldo, I had a pair of white shoes on hold but I wasn't going to make it there on time to try them on because we were having a dinner a little later than usual because KD gets off at a later time than Jas and I. We decided to hit the shoes stores and Aldo on Robson to see what was available. A couple of days ago, I was searching on the Aldo website and found a cute pair of kitten heels in glossy white. Robson store did not have my size but Oakridge had one pair in stock, the pumps are on hold until the end of the day but I ended up leaving the office late (yesterday) which meant I did not make it to Oakridge before closing time. I was planning to go after dinner tonight but we were meeting later than I expected which meant again, I would not make it to Oakridge on time. I figure why not try the Aldo on Robson to see what they had in store. I ended up find a really sexy and hot pair within my price budget and in full leather! Only $80, how could one go wrong? I love them, so hot and sexy! I also found a cute pair at Stephane De Raucourt, white peep toe pumps with a thin small buckle strap, sale priced at $50 but they were man made uppers and I do not like man made materials esp. on shoes. I am so extremely happy that I found a pair of white pumps and now I can finally wear my white dress with my pink coat! After Robson, we decided to stop into Coach because Jas wanted to show me the sunglasses that she was going to buy. I did not like them and not only because they were Coach but I really didn't like the design all that much either. I convinced her to check out Holt Renfrew even though she said she had recently went there but couldn't find the same pair of Burberry sunglasses that she had once tried on before the move. Lucky for us, Coach did not have the sunglasses in the black and only in the pink, Jas is not a pink person. Guess what she found at Holt Renfrew? Her Burberry sunglasses but she found another pair on display which she even liked better! Ha! How funny is that? Yes, pretty darn funny :) The sunglasses that she picked up were HOT, DAMN HOT! Love them and I love Burberry! Now I just have to save up some $$ and buy my Dior sunglasses :) After HR, we stopped by Future Shop so I could pick up the new Enrique Iglesias CD before walking down to Yaletown to meet KD.

At Browns, we decided to sit on the patio for dinner since the weather was nice and the patio had outdoor heaters. I ordered a beef burger with bacon and cheddar cheese with fries but without the top bun. I have been craving for RED MEAT for quite a while now, it must be all that chicken breast I've been eating! Jas ordered a sandwich and KD ordered halibut and a crab dip to start. I was very disciplined and did not at all eat any of the crab dip, do you know how many calories and grams of fat that little dish has? A TON. Way too many for me to burn off! Besides I had french fries coming and those are a HUGE SIN. We caught up on each others lives and of course, we couldn't end dinner without photos :) After dinner, KD offered to drive us home, thank goodness as I had a long and tiring day, once I arrived home, it was off to bed.

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