Thursday, June 21, 2007



Another 2 minutes off my time which is totally awesome! This time, we did not stop at the 1/4 mark and only briefly took a break (1 minute) at the 1/2 mark. I continued pass the 3/4 mark because I realized if I stopped, my momentum would disappear and I would lose the pace I was at. It's awesome! This time Rhoda brought her camera and we took some great shots at the top, I'll post them when I get them from her. After the grind, we headed back to my place for dinner because we had decided last week that we would all bring something to share aftewards so we wouldn't have to go out for dinner, it gets way too expensive! Yesterday, I ordered Jess's her final b'day cake from Kreations, a chocolate cheesecake with white chocolate passion fruit topping and I must be getting old because I forgot that she was not going to make it tonight. Oh well, we all enjoyed a little and very rich piece and damn, was it ever delish! Def. worth the $$ and much better than Cheesecake Etc. This gourmet bakery just opened in our neighborhood and I hope it won't be forced to close it's doors coz of the Canada Line construction. Many many business have gone out of business coz of the Canada Line. Since Jess missed out on her b'day cake, I'll bring the rest to her tomorrow for her to enjoy!

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Joss said...

I really am SO impressed with you!! :) That's an awesome accomplishment.