Thursday, May 31, 2007

Grouse Grind

After a long and exhausting week plus a very long day (I didn't finish the final items for this proposal until 4.00pm, I kid you not), I decided I should still hike the Grouse Grind and not bail out on my friends. I know hiking the GG would probably kill me because I am so exhausted but I figured, what better way to relieve the stress from work than to hike straight up a mountain for an hour and half?

Amazingly, I finished the GG in 1 hr 25 mins, started at 5.28pm and reached the top at 6.53pm. This isn't too bad since I really thought it would take me much longer than that! Another challenge? Hiking the GG with 4 huge blisters which I got right about the 1/4 mark! Ugh, so for the rest of the hike, I was hiking in pain!! Now I know better, I am not going to hike it with my hiking boots anymore, I'm going to throw on some comfy Nikes!

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psychorich said...

Nikes? Really??