Saturday, May 19, 2007

Friends from LA

My friend Free and his girlfriend Jo from LA are visiting Vancouver this long weekend. I've know Free since 2000, we became friends when I worked at Bell Microproducts, at the time, he was a Westcoast sales rep for Seagate. Last August, Jas and I went to LA to visit Free and he was an awesome host! He def. took really good care of us and we wish we could do the same for him but in Vancouver, there isn't as much to do here as it was while we were in LA.

In the early afternoon, Kay (she was home early because of Sports Day and the day ended at 1.00pm) and I headed over to Metrotown to check on HonHon's condo and mail. After checking the condo, I wanted to head over to Metrotown because I wanted to shop in Smart Set (there isn't one in Vancouver) and Kay wanted to pick up flip flops from Garage, she had a gift certificate from her birthday. I picked up some really cute items for under $110! I have been debating about buying a shirt dress because I didn't think it would look good on me. But Jas thought it would and Smart Set had a shirt dress on sale for $29.99 so I decided to give it a try. Gosh, it's very flattering! This would look great for work, paired up with black pants. I also bought a few more items like two lacey camisoles for my tops and a sage green jacket. After Smart Set and Garage, Kay and I then headed over to Old Navy because I need flip flops for the summer but didn't want to pay more than $10 a pair. Kay suggested Old Navy because she says the flip flops sold there are cheap and basic, exactly what I am looking for. She is the expert on flip flops since she owns 4 pairs and just added two more to her collection. Boy was she ever right, I picked up 2 pairs for $8.00! Wow, what a great price! Trishapholic for new items.

After our little shopping trip, we headed back into Vancouver because I had plans to meet up with Free, Jo and Jas for a Thai dinner in Yaletown. I also had tickets for my cousin Jon performance at the Roundhouse Yaletown. He is part of Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre and this weekend his group is performing a ten minute comedy sketch. I haven't seen any of my cousin's performances before, I thought it would be something fun to do with our out of town guests and to show support the local comedic talent. This show was longer than I expected, started at 8.00pm and finished close to 10.00pm, and a good crowd showed up in support of the local talent. After dinner, the show, we decided to head over to Cactus Club for drinks at the lounge/bar. Wow, I've never seen Cactus Club like this before! It was crowded with a lot of yuppies and pretty people. Cactus Club is usually pretty casual and family oriented but this is Yaletown! After a few drinks and appy's, we decided to call it a night.

Tomorrow, Free had organized his own itinerary and we were going to meet up on Sunday for dim sum and night market. Tired! Ready for bed .....