Thursday, May 17, 2007

Girl's Nite Out

Tonight was our official last Girls Nite Out with my dearest girlfriends from work, Jenn, Kar and Rae. Tonight was a combination of Kar's birthday and Jenn's going away dinner. We headed over to Relish (which used to be Urban Well) right after work and it was nice to have the restaurant to ourselves. We had good food, great conversation and it was awesome company. After dinner, Jenn and Rae had a birthday card for Kar (I didn't have one because I am planning on giving it to her on her actual birthday which is May 22) because Rae is heading off to Europe on Monday and Jenn is off to London on the following Friday. Rae *oops my mistake!* Jenn got a really cool Hallmark Song Card for Kar which played Hot Stuff by Donna Summer when you opened the card! Very cool and very Kar! (she is one HOT MAMA!! even on her "bad" hair days) After the birthday cards, we gave Jenn her going away gift and I think she teared up a bit! We think she really liked it and appreciated getting the ladies on each of our floor to sign her congrats card. We wanted her to have a little bit of us and Vancouver with her when she settled in London. After dinner, we headed back to Kar's for a bit before calling it a night. Kar was heading back to Vernon tomorrow morning for the long weekend and I was taking the extra day off to make it a super long (4 day) weekend. Jenn and Rae did not take Friday off so we thought we better call it a night. Besides, Kar needed to clean up her apartment, make her tan appointment and get her laundry done before she left for Vernon. I think she also needed to get to bed early to catch up on her sleep. It was a really nice night and we are def. going to miss Jenn tons!! Kar, Rae and I will have to make a girls trip out to London next year so we can visit Jenn. Good Luck Jenn!!! We are going to miss you so much and don't forget to keep us updated with your adventures in London. For more photos, check out my Flickr Account!