Sunday, May 13, 2007

Momma's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

What a lovely Momma's Day I had! Kay is such a sweet and wonderful daughter, I teared up a little bit.... *sniff sniff*

Kay, my brother and I had dim sum with my Mom and Grandma at Golden Swan on Victoria street. It was a little greasy for first thing in the morning but Kay and I had dinner plans for the evening which means we wouldn't be able to go over to my mom's place. The place was super busy and lucky for us, my brother had to get his brakes done early this morning which meant he was able to get to Golden Swan to line up for a table. He arrived at 10.30am and Kay and I arrived just before 11.00, mom and grandma arrived about 15 minutes after us. Lucky that we had a table as early as we did as the restaurant started to get really really busy.

After dim sum, we all headed our separate ways, Kay and I headed home because she had a card and gift for me. She also needed to bake her "momma's day" cake for Rhoda's mom and I. Rhoda had invited us to her place for a Mother's Day dinner and Kay was going to help Rhoda cook the dinner. As Kay started to make and bake her cake, I opened my card and gift. Wow her card made me tear up a bit, she was so sweet and she wrote some really heart warming thoughts. We are BEST FRIENDS and she def. made me feel that I will always be in her heart and mind even when she doesn't act like it. She also made me a beautiful green/blue necklace because she said I didn't have any. The reason why I don't have any is because I don't own any green but now I will have to go out and pick up a green top or something. I also received a Starbucks card because she knows how much coffee I drink! It was lovely.

After Kay finished up the cake, she decorated mine (the one we were going to keep for ourselves) while I decorated the one we were going to bring with us to Rhoda's. She did a lovely heart design on mine and lots of coloured sprinkles. I picked up some flowers from our neighborhood florist before we headed over to Rhoda's.

Once we arrived, we chit chatted a bit before the girls headed to the kitchen to make dinner. It was an incredible meal with homemade cream of mushroom soup, baked maple salmon, rosee pasta, and spring salad. Everything was incredible and so yummy! Everyone enjoyed the cake and after all was done. Kay and I looked over Rhoda's photos from the past few years. We were def. going through life in different directions in the past 10 years that we were not friends. But we are now both on the same path and I am happy to have her back in our lives.

It was one of the best Momma's day I've ever had! Thanks Kay :) I LOVE YOU. For more photos, go to Psycho Pat2000 Flickr Account.