Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday Rain and NO Sunshine!

Today, Jas and I met up with Free and Jo for dim sum at Sun Sui Wah on Main street. The weather was terrible but thankfully yesterday was better and those two were out and about in the city with little or no rain. The plans for today were dim sum, Richmond Night Market and Free and Jo wanted to check out the River Rock Casino. Dim sum was lovely! I love dim sum at Sun Sui Wah, it is one of my fave. places to go and it's so close to my home. I can walk to it! After our dim sum, we headed out into the rain and drove to the River Rock Casino in Richmond so Free and Jo could check it out. I am not a gambler and in fact, find gambling quite boring. If I am going to throw away my $$, I would rather smoke it than gamble it! IMO, I would enjoy smoking cigarettes more so than gambling and watching the dealer take away my $$. We were not planning to say at the River Rock for long but ended up spending almost two hours there. Jas and I have never been to RR so this was as new to us as it was for Free and Jo. It's very nice and very "Vegas" feeling. We decided to head over to the lounge to pick up a drink before hitting the floor. Jas, Free and Jo changed their money into chips and started gambling away. Jas made $13 on the roulette table and I am not quite sure how much money Free and Jo made the card tables. Almost 2 hours later, I am quite bored and ready to call it in, those three decided it was time to go. Originally, I had asked if I could drop them off and come back for them but they said they wouldn't be staying long. Two hours is still TOO LONG in my opinion! Oh well.... off to Richmond Night Market for more food!

Richmond Night Market - Because of the rain, many of the tables/stands were not opened but most of the "food fair" stands were opened. First stop for Jas and I was at the Roti Grill, a table which Vince and Meryl (our dear friends) opened up this year. It served sandwich type items from Brunei, the country where Meryl is from. It's a test run for these two so they can gain experience on running their own business. Not a lot of time to prepare since they decided to do this only a few months before the nightmarket opened. The price of their food and drinks were high, a sandwich or half of a pita was $6.00 and a can of pop was $1.25. Every other stand were selling their pop for $1.00 and for $6.00 you can eat until you barf at the nightmarket. I am not sure how well they are going to do with those prices but I do know their overhead costs were high so that could be why the food prices are so high. I do have to say though, for food fair food, it's pretty healthy but no one goes to the nightmarket to eat healthy! Good luck to them both!

Eating under umbrellas is quite a challenge and after eating as much as we could, being super soaked and stuffed, we decided to head back to the warm and dry car! We decided to head back into downtown and play Big 2 in the hotel room. We pretty much played cards and watched TV in their hotel room. Wow, the Sheraton Hotel is really nice! I think I will have to recommend all my out of town guests there.

It was a really fun day and a great night! It is good to have Free and Jo in town, Free is always so funny and interesting ......

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