Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Burnt Out

The cost controller and project director of a soon-to-be or might-be project asked me to come in and work on a proposal that was due out this week. I came in on the weekend (both days pulling in about 8 hours each day without a break) because I thought this proposal was due on Monday afternoon. I found out in a Monday morning meeting that the section I have been slaving over is not due until Wednesday afternoon. Monday I stayed late trying to finish off, Tuesday I left exactly at 4.30 because I had skipped both of my lunches and tonight it looks like I will be pulling in another late night. There are so many changes and revisions, it seems that no one is quite sure what needs to be done or what the client wants. When the client finally knows what it wants, he becomes impossible to deal with (bloody anal) and let's leave it at that. I am not liking this at all, this is a very disorganized way of handling and preparing a proposal. Also, no one seems to care that we (FY and I) have been working our @sses off for them... oh well ... what can you do?

Another day, hopefully this will all be done by tonight. Out the door and out of my life FOREVER ....

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psychorich said...

That sounds terrible, but at least you will get a big fat paycheck for the overtime.