Saturday, May 05, 2007

Family DraMAH!

What a day we had! When it comes to family, I love them but THANK GOODNESS, I don't live with them! Sometimes I think I really should move out of the country! A phone call is easier to handle than being here in person dealing with them face to face.

Today, Kay and I had dim sum with my father because tomorrow Kay is having a friends only birthday party, the day of her birthday, so we wouldn't be able to make any family dinners. My father gave Kay a fancy camera as a b'day gift and I didn't think she needed any more gadgets but my father is a gadget freak. If she could have her way, she would get a new Motorola Razor cellular in PINK! But she has a perfectly good cellular that works in perfect condition and does what it needs to do. As we sat at the restaurant enjoying our dim sum, my father and I were discussing what he wanted to do with my brother's condo. Apparently, my father would like to sell it off to pay off his current condo mortgage and since my brother can't afford to pay his monthly maintenance fees, my father thinks my brother should move into his place. Now, my brother has had a taste of independence and it's really hard to move back with your parents when you have been on your own. I had spoken to my brother the night before and we discussed his options, IMO, I didn't think he should sell his condo even though he was willing to sign it over for a new car because a home is worth more than a fancy car. The title is in my brother's name so my father cannot sell it unless my brother signs over the deed. My brother stated the only way he would sign it over is if he could get a new car, his current ride is a piece of crap. I convinced him it was the best decision to keep his condo and now I think I have made it more complicated because it seems that my brother doesn't have a choice now. My father is basically saying one of the condos has to be sold so my father can be debt free or at least mortgage free. In either case, my brother and father will end up living in his condo or my brother at my father's condo. Since I could not convince my father NOT to sell my brother's condo, I had to phone my brother back and tell him the bad news. My brother was really angry and he brought up his "new car out of this deal" plan, he wanted to discuss this with my father so I said I would try to arrange a dinner later that day as we had just finished dim sum.

After dim sum, Kay and I had errands to run. First stop, Dollar Giant on Kingsway to pick up some more goody bag items like cool rubber pencils and chocolate bars. Next, we headed towards downtown because Kay needed to go to Claire's to buy herself a tiara. Apparently, she NEEDS one because she is turning 13 and it's her birthday! Gosh, what a princess! We parked at Future Shop/Winners underground parking lot on Robson street and bought an hour ticket because we wanted to walk down Robson street a bit, gosh what a big mistake! Kay found her cute tiara at Claire's and as we headed towards Robson, we realized the city was repaving Robson street (past Georgia street) and all the cross streets were blocked off! We decided to find a way over to the other side by cutting traffic and the fence to get over to Aritzia (because Kay wanted to stop in there) and Banana Republic. We left both stores empty handed and decided to head back to the parking lot because we were running out of time and we needed to head over to Cupcakes on Denman to pick up Kay's birthday cake. We were getting very excited because we couldn't wait to take a look at the cake, we knew it was going to be very pretty! I found a parking spot on Denman, a few blocks from the Cupcakes store and decided to park there in case we could not find a parking spot closer. As we walked up to the store, on our way we passed a Mondo Gelato and decided to stop in to see if they were stocking Horlicks ice cream. This is one of my most fave. ice cream flavours and only Mondo Gelato makes it! Gosh, I was in luck, they did have it and I ended up buying 1/2 litre. I wanted to stock some in my own freezer and bring a scoop or two to my mom who has been dying to taste it since I told her that MG carried Horlicks flavour gelato. We walked into a very crowded and busy Cupcakes and as it would be esp. on a sunny day like today, we picked up a couple of mini cupcakes (2 bites size) and had a peek at Kay's cake before it got wrapped up to go. OMG, it's so beautiful! Looks almost too pretty to eat!!! Kay was very happy with her b'day cake and I figured, well she only turns into a teenager once and this is a special year, she's turning 13! After picking up Kay's cake, we headed
home because the cake needed to be refrigerated and our ice cream needed to go into the freezer.

Once we were home, we started putting the goody bags together for her friends and I got a call from my brother. He was still quite upset and wanted to know if I had spoken to my father. I had not as I just got home, I told him I would call dad to make dinner plans and we could all meet at a restaurant to discuss the issues at hand. Kay and I still had one more errand to run, we needed to go over to Zellers to check if stock had received for raincheck (the clothing rack from last week) so we decided to head up to Zellers before calling my father. After we were done strolling the store (still no stock), Kay and I called my father to arrange dinner plans, we told him we were in Richmond (small white lie) and asked if he would like to join my brother and I for dinner. My brother had picked a Japanese restaurant (which wasn't all that good, first time for Kay and I) ato meet at, as we arrived and was seated at our table, the discussion went on its way. It really didn't go to well and basically it came down to the fact that one of the condos had to be sold, my father was willing to give my brother a cash settlement or a new car depending on the sale of the condo. IMO, I still don't like this decision and it's not fair that my father gave my brother the condo as a gift, is now taking it back. If you give someone a gift, you don't ask or force them to give it back. I know I should tell my mom or she will have a fit when she finds out but I am hoping my brother will talk to her because I do not want to be the one to break the bad news and start the DraMAH on that side of the family .... in the end, it was a pretty hectic day for Kay and I ....

Wow, one more sleep until Kay is officially a teenager!

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