Sunday, July 30, 2006

Camera Shopping

Today, Jas and I went camera shopping because as you know, it was stolen the day before. We were suppose to head out to CityTv's Taste of the City but we missed it! Taste of the City was at Plaza of Nations yesterday and not today, today there was a Gay Pride Festival. Oops, we should have checked the website. Oh well, there is always next year! Kay didn't come with us because she made plans to go to Playland with her friends. I was the chauffeur, drop the girls off at Playland for the day and pick them up later in the evening. Jas lives really close to Chinatown and Plaza so we decided to walk over to Plaza of Nations but discover Taste of the City wasn't there and ended up at Yaletown. We walked around and window shopped for a bit before deciding on Cactus Club (yes again!) for lunch. It was nice sitting on the patio, a good day for it. After late lunch/early dinner, we headed towards downtown to Sony Store and London Drugs to check out the camera selection. Although I didn't find the Sony salesperson very helpful and he didn't seem too interested in me because a couple of guys (tourists) walked in looking for a camera, we decided to leave. But I have an idea of what I am looking for now. I decided I do not want to replace my stolen camera with a current version because there is not much of an upgrade and the new model does not have the manual focus feature. I am going to buy a model up. I am looking into purchasing this one. It's the "in between" model of a digital compact camera and a digital SLR camera. It's a little more than my budgeted price for a new camera but I decided that since I started blogging and keeping track of my disturbing addiction, I would enjoy using all the features this camera has to offer. Plus if I buy this camera, it's quite a bit bigger than my last so that means I need a new bag to carry this camera in. Now I can justify purchasing this bag to hold my camera plus it's a good size for travelling and it comes with a lock! What do you think?

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continuitygirl said...

I'm going to ask for a digital camera for my birthday at the end of the month.