Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kay's on The Beat!

Kay is so funny!! She just heard herself on the radio (94.5fm The Beat) and she just called me to tell me her story. Apparently, Panic at the Disco is here in town and they are signing autographs for their new albulm just released at HMV. Kay didn't catch the whole broadcast so she called into the beat to ask where and when PATD were going to be signing autographs. She called in during a song play and after the song; they ran their conversation on the air. Kay went ballistic, she found it quite funny and her voice didn't sound like her at all. She thinks they used a voice enhancer or something because she didn't recognize her own conversation. hahahaha what a funny girl.

Calling me at work, asking me if I was still downtown, uh yes? She wanted me to pick up PATD's new cd and get them to autograph it. I told her, I'll see how busy HMV is and if the line up is not too long, I'll do it for her. When I got there, OMG, it was CRAZY! I assume people have been lining up at HMV since this morning!! The band wasn't even there yet, apparently, they were going to be there within the hour. I rang Kay back up and told her I wasn't going to do it because even if I got in line, I could be there for HOURS. She was a little upset and I said I would pick up the cd if I could find it. Couldn't find it, too many people, too long of a line up.... oh well, she can always pick it up another day....

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