Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A visit with Fran

My dear friend Fran is back from Hong Kong! She moved to Hong Kong a year ago to work out there because she loves the city. She's doing really well and I'm so proud of her! She's in Vancouver for 10 days because there is a wedding she needs to attend and to visit family / friends. This girl always has such a busy schedule even when she was situated in Vancouver! With her busy schedule and all, I wasn't sure if I was going to see her this time (missed her the last time she was visiting) but she planned the day with our friend, Jas and they both came to pick me up from the office after shopping and errands. I left work a half an hour early which was ok because I didn't take a lunch. We headed over to Milestones for a bellini (bellini Tuesdays!) and appetizers, they were not hungry because they had lunch a couple of hours earlier. We sat around for an hour or so catching up on life. Fran had an airport story to tell and Fran being Fran, this was quite a funny, very interesting and so like Fran.

Her story: Fran checked into the airport 2 hours early which is really amazing because this girl is notorious for running late for everything. Her itinerary stated (or as she thought) her flight was schedule to leave at 4.55pm. Checking in at the counter (not at the airport, the express counter), the person helping her asked, oh? have you changed your flight? Fran looking confused and shocked, no, I'm early! Lady at the counter also confused look on her face, well your plane left 10 minutes ago. Fran now really stumped, whathaheck? Girlfriend read the itinerary wrong! Flight scheduled for 14.55 not 4.55!! Panicking a little (she's got to be here for a wedding), the lady helped her out by getting her on a standby for the next flight out which was leaving in an hour or so. But if she could not get on this flight, she wasn't going to get on any flight this week (all flights are booked full). Panicking and now rushing to the airport which is half an hour away from where she was, she lucked out and managed to get a seat on that flight! Phew! Funny Fran story, eh?

I have done this before, read the itinerary incorrectly, I almost missed my flight out of Vancouver to Hong Kong a few years back.

After Milestones, we headed back to my place to pick up my car and to bring dinner home to Kay and Ty (Ty came over to play again). Kay and Fran hugged, caught up a little bit, and took a photo. We left for Burnaby to have dinner at Kura Sushi (because it's so yummy! and Fran has a list of items she must eat while in Vancouver, Japanese being one) and to meet another friend of Fran's (she's trying to squeeze everyone in) Alan. We had a splendid dinner (Kura never ceases to disappoint me with their daily specials!) and shared more funny stories about Fran. Alan, Fran and Jas all met at UBC and boy did Alan have some funny and good stories about Fran. After dinner, Jas and I headed back into Vancouver and Fran took off to meet the next person.

It was a really good night and it reminded me of how much I miss hanging out with Fran. Good times. Hoping to catching her again before she leaves but if not, I'll def. see her the next time. We have been friends since highschool, a loooooong time, she is a really great friend and it is never boring with Fran around, all those hilarious stories to tell.......


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