Friday, July 07, 2006

Lunch with QA/QC Guy

I just got back from lunch with a couple of co-workers, one being the QA/QC guy (or CR) and Val, a really sweet person whom I work with. We headed over to The Keg for lunch which is nice because I hardly ever go to The Keg for lunch although it would have been nice to be sitting outdoors except for the fact that I am still not too comfortable being outside during lunch (incident on the patio last time). We discussed a few things concerning R's new business plans, he is planning to open a small division of his company into the North American market, and CR gave me a lot of useful information. I def. have a good head start to the direction we need to proceed for R's new business plans. I also have a lot of work ahead of me in gathering information from all the places that I need to go but it will be quite exciting. From CR's information on QA (Quality Assurance), QC (Quality Control), auditing and expediting has peaked my interest. I think I might find it interesting enough to look into a career for myself. I would have to attend some courses to lear about ISO and CSA. Apparently, there are some seminars I could attend and even classes or courses where if I passed with flying colours, I could receive a certificate. I think that is an interesting idea..... what are your thoughts???

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