Saturday, July 29, 2006

Caribbean Festival

What a day we had today! This afternoon, Kay, Jas and I set out to the Caribbean Festival out in North Vancouver. I had taken some really great photos of today but some drug addict picked my pocket and stole my camera!! I kid you not. At Sears of all places. ARGH!! I am so MAD. Anyways, that's another part of today's story. The weather was perfect (not quite perfect but pretty darn close!), temperature was nice & warm, the clouds were out and this is the first time we've been to the Caribbean Festival were it wasn't crazy hot with temperatures of 30s and the sun beating down on us! We walked around, caught some music and headed for the food. That is def. the best part and the reason why we head out to the Caribbean Festival! V and M were suppose to meet us there but they got lost or took the wrong turn off the freeway (yeah right! V is really really bad with directions, seriously, this is the ONLY guy I know who drives like a girl! hehehe) He somehow ended up in Richmond instead of North Vancouver, they rang to let us know they were not going to make it. After the food, music and browsing the little tables, we were on our way out to take photos by the water when we bumped into D, V's sister. We chatted a bit and decided that we were going to head out. Taking some photos by the water (which by the way, turned out really great!) I bumped into a co-worker whom I have a "fake" friendship with. She's one of those types were she hates her job, been there forever, can't retire and likes to make people around her miserable when she is. She's hard to work with but you kind of get used to it. I have anyways. Now, I know when to stay away and when I can see her. We didn't chat long because we were heading out of North Vancouver, thank goodness! Catching the seabus back to downtown. We headed over to Sears because they were having scratch and save with a discount of 60% off luggage. I picked up a Roots luggage for $89.97 and a cute little classic black cocktail dress for $14.99! Yes seriously. $14.99. Reg. $99.99. They were clearing out their stock and marked everything off an extra 50% off. After purchasing my little black dress, we headed off the 4th floor down the escalators to Granville street when I noticed my bag felt lighter. I quickly checked for my camera and agenda. GONE. I thought maybe I had left it on the counter where I purchased my dress but no luck. It seems there has been quite a few pick pocketers in Sears. So PISSED. The camera is replaceable but there are about 23 photos in there, half of them being of Kay. I hate knowing the fact that some crazy @ss is out there with my daughter's photos!! F***! Being in a crappy and pissed off mood, I decided to take Jas to Holt Renfrew to look at these beautiful evening sandals, if they were still available. I didn't think they would be there as I had looked at them 3 weeks earlier and at the price I saw them at, I wanted them so badly but could not justify spending that much money on a pair of shoes (well yes I can but was feeling somewhat guilty if I bought them) even if they were on sale and discounted at a really really good price! They were still there and with an additional discount of 20%, I had to buy them! After all, I was just picked pocketed and new shoes can always make a girl feel better :) I am feeling better ...

After shopping, we were deciding on take out or to eat in and Kay decided on Cactus Club. Gosh, I am getting sick of Cactus Club. After dinner, we decided to rent a movie, my pick Matador. The movie was somewhat interesting and I like Greg Kinnear. Calling it an early night, Kay and I headed home.

Next up on the list, a new camera. I am going to LA in two weeks, I desperately need to pick up a camera.... ugh......

Updated August 6, 2006
Photos of my new shoes, cocktail dress......


ants said...

Coming on Your blog again, You write nice, I'm following it continuously, I'm wondering, You may write yet so lively from other matters, after Your camera with pics was pinched off! I would be not able write at all! I'm sure Your new cam. will be better, as was the lost one and You'll make a lot of fine pics.
Wishing to You beautiful dreams and belle jour + bon lendemain from Estonia, where we have early morning soon.

peachy said...

i'm sorry about your camera.

7 of 20

Joss said...

The festival sounds fascinating (will have to check it out next year!) and the camera theft is awful! So sorry to hear that happened.

By the way, you have the best luck with finding good sale-priced clothing! I'm very impressed :)

Trish said...

Dear Ants,
Thank you for visiting and following my blog! Estonia is quite a distance from where I am and it's nice to know there are a few people that are interested in what I have to say or write. Thank you for taking the time to write a comment.

It did take me a couple of days to write the post but I am a positive person and I try not to let the bad things bring me down. One positive thing coming from this event is that I can now buy the camera I have been eyeing on! :)

Dear Peachy,
Thank you!

Dear Joss,
The Caribbean festival is really fun, you should def. check it out next year! It goes on for two days and on the Saturday there is a big party for the adults where they play music from Trindad and the Caribbean! Click on the link for more info! Maybe I'll see you there next year :)

I am a true shopoholic, thank you for the compliment :) If you need a shopping buddy or just some advice on where to find things, please send me an email and I will def. look out for you!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Trish xoxoxo

continuitygirl said...

I can't bring myself to watch the Matador as Pierce Brosnan looks decidedly un-hot.

Such a shame to hear about your camera, but congratulations on getting the sandals you wanted