Friday, July 07, 2006


I am pulling a late nighter because a good friend of mine is having a major crisis at the moment. She has a lot of drama in her life and her home situation is not exactly the healthiest environment for her plus she has this guy who does not know what he really wants. Tonight, I met up with her for dinner but some things came up which meant we didn't actually eat dinner until after 9.30pm (thankfully I had a snack before going over there). After dinner, we sat in her car and talked about what was going on in her life, the craziness and I think she just needed to let it all out. I gave her my own opinions and advice and how to deal with the home situation. Life is pretty crazy and hectic with her but I know she can handle herself. But as a mom, I become very concerned and worried about her situations so I feel the need to help. I am going to help her find a new place to live and hopefully, she will listen to some of my advice on the "guy" situation. You can't tell people what to do, they need to make the decisions on their own. Even if you know it's not a good place to be.... well I am hoping for the best and I will be by her side, no matter what she decides to do and I will try to be as supportive about it as I can...... it's not going to be easy.... .

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