Friday, July 07, 2006

Dinner with Shel & Kitty

Tonight, I went out for dinner with a couple of good friends of mine whom I haven't seen in ages. I wanted to congratulate them on their engagement and to catch up on each other's lives. It has been much to long since the last time I have seen them and on the last time, I found out they were engaged and had not set their wedding date. Well, they have finally decided, it will be 070707 which is so like Shel :) In exactly ONE YEAR, they will be MARRIED!! WOW! They year is going to go by so fast!

We headed over to Richmond to have dinner at this Japanese tapas place and gosh was it ever yummy! They had Japanese Pizza which at first I wasn't too keen on but after having a slice, OMG, I am so addicted. We had a chopped scallop pizza, it was so delicious. I will have to take R there for dinner, I think he will love it! I didn't think we would be full because all the items that came to our table seemed quite small. After having several small plates of grilled items, baked items, sushi items and the pizza, it was more than enough! After dinner, we headed over to Osaka Supermarket which is really the T&T Supermarket at Yoahan Centre to pick up some fruit (for myself) and some marinated meat (for Shel, BBQ the next night for a guy's Fight Night). We called it an early night and Shel dropped me off at home.

Kitty loved my new Louis Vuitton and keychain. Both think R has great taste which he does and he knows me so well, hey, it's been 13 years, he better know me!!! ;-)

Kitty and Shel are planning a cruise to Hawaii in November, how nice is that! Maybe Hong Kong at December (these two travel almost every year) but after those two trips, they plan on saving up for their wedding. In the fall, they are planning a mini roadtrip to Portland, Oregon to pick up their wedding bands from Tiffany's. They found the perfect wedding bands and the idea came from a friend of theirs who purchased their wedding bands from Cartier. They decided to buy the bands from Portland because there is no tax and the US exchange rate is pretty good at the moment. As they were talking about their wedding plans and buying their wedding bands, I decided to check online to see what Tiffany carries in wedding bands and I found mine.

KD will be coming by after 10pm and I think it will be a long night. After KD, R will be calling for our weekly "phone date"..... and I have to wake up early on Saturday, I better get some coffee or something......


psychorich said...

Yea, that looks very yummy. You better take me there when I am in town!

peachy said...

That pizza looks great.

continuitygirl said...

I really wnat to try Japanese Tapas, it sounds so wierd, but also so good!