Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dinner with Grams

Tonight, I went over to my grandma's for dinner because my mom is out of town (she's in Alaska visiting family friends for a week and a half) and my grandma is all by herself in that huge house of theirs. I ran a little late for dinner because I had to drop off something for Kay at C's place out in North Burnaby, Kay is sleeping over at C's again! The traffic was INSANE. I hate driving during rush hour in Vancouver. People are so impatient!! Anyways, dropping stuff off to Kay, I headed back to East Vancouver to my mom's. Grandma prepared steamed white fish with ginger, green onions, and light seafood soya sauce, stir fried peas with onions and pork, and curry potatoes. Yummy!

A wonderful quality my grandma possess is a way she has with plants, she's got an awesome green thumb. I have a little plant (can't remember the name but it's green with splashes of pink & purple leaves) that seems to be struggling. I removed the plant from the original pot and potted it into a pretty asian pot but it doesn't seem to like it. I asked my grandma if she could take a look at it and fix it up a bit. I wish I had my camera so I could post the before and after shots but I don't because someone stole my camera. ARGH! My grandma took the plant out of the pot and told me I was drowning the roots, that is why it's struggling. She stated that the pot should have holes in the bottom so the water can leak out and does not settle into the dirt, apparently the water could damage the roots and roots can become moldy. Oh!! That's not good. My grandma replanted my little plant into a pot with holes and we placed the little pot into my asian pot because I really wanted this plant to sit in that pot. It matches perfectly (the purple/pink leaves with the purple/pink pot)! After replanting my pot, Grandma and I sat down with some tea and chit chatted for the rest of the evening. It was a nice that we could spend some quality time together as grandma and granddaughter, we never really sit down to talk. My grandma did mention that my mom did not call her when she landed safely in Alaska. I think mom is having too much fun out there and just forgot to call. My grandma was not too pleased.

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