Friday, August 04, 2006

What a day!

Gosh, what a day I had! Let's start from the beginning....

I left work early today (couple of hours) because I had to go to HSBC to pick up my cheque. I closed my stock portfolio with them because I was unhappy with the services they provided. Ok to be more honest, the financial advisor that looked after my account was telling my father what was going on with my account. YES she did. I bet you are shocked, eh? Yep. Isn't there some sort of confidential clause in there somewhere? Ummm.. no, not with her.... that's another story I am not going to get into. So leaving work a couple of hours earlier to drive out to the HSBC which is about 20 - 25 minutes away from my place (in rush hour traffic on a long weekend) when I get there to pick up my cheque, I noticed they spelt my last name wrong! HELLO, how bloody dense are you??!!?? How do you close my stock portfolio which clearly states my last name and still screw up??!!?? I demanded they fix this IMMEDIATELY because I am not taking any more time off work to pick up this cheque. The receptionist was a little scared as I was pretty damn angry and she spoke with the account manager that I spoke with earlier (on Tuesday - my financial advisor is on holidays until the 16th of August). She tells the receptionist to take it to the teller and issue an overdraft for the amount. The receptionist guides me to a bank teller, hands over the cheque and gives the instructions to the teller but the teller insists she can't do it unless I have a bank account with HSBC (and I don't because I HATE THIS BANK). I am about to lose it when the receptionist explains to her the situation and it has been authorized by the account manager to issue an overdraft. The teller did not speak to me while working on this overdraft and no one (the receptionist nor the account manager) apologized for this mistake. As I was walking out of the bank, I was ready to swear them all to financial bankruptcy and doom but there was a security guard standing at the front door >_<

Metrotown Centre/Picking Up Kay

After the bank, I headed over to R's place to check his mail and to Metrotown centre to use up some time. I am going to pick up Kay from C's place but I knew it was much too early for me to get her before she flipped out. I did a little bit of window shopping, nothing I really wanted to buy as I am heading to LA in 1 and a half weeks, a shoe sale did catch my eye but there wasn't anything left in my size. Wandering over to Winners to look at their suitcases, I found a Heys suitcase priced cheaper than the one I bought from Sears. But they only had one left and it wasn't the colour I wanted so I decided to head over to Richmond's Winners because it's bigger and they usually carry a lot more stock than the other two (Metrotown or downtown). I picked Kay up a little early and she was a little upset but she dealt with it. We headed over to Richmond and there were no suitcases at Winners! We headed over to Future Shop to check out the camera deals but I missed the Sony deal which was purchase a Sony camera and get $50.00 towards any accessory! Darn!!! After that we could not decide on what to eat so we headed home. V called and we decided to head out with him for dinner.

Dinner at Rugby
V is not able to make my birthday dinner on Monday so he took Kay and I out for dinner tonight. We headed over to the Rugby restaurant on Broadway and boy has it changed! It's now a high charging Cactus Club, yes seriously. I could not believe how much our dinner cost him and it wasn't even that good. We expected the food to be like the last time we were there (which was a year ago) and it used to be a unique dining experience. Their menu was set up in three main categories, carbs, meats and veggies. Now they serve all different kinds of stuff plus a small section on carbs and veggies. So weird. Apparently, they changed their menus about 6 months ago. Well, this is the last time we are ever going to eat there! Not too impressed.

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jenni222 said...

sounds like you had a busy, but unproductive day. a lot like my usual day!