Sunday, August 06, 2006

Shopping and Dinner

This afternoon, Kay and I headed back downtown to return the overpriced Roots suitcase at Sears. I also decided that I needed a new summer dress for my b'day dinner tomorrow night. We headed over to the Sears clearance section and found a pretty brown chiffon dress that would be perfect except for the wrinkles and mishaps of the chiffon in the front and back. Even at $15.00 (a great price for the dress), I could not buy it the way it was. We went to a few different stores but eventually finding one at Le Chateau of all places. I never shop here but I remember seeing a huge summer dress selection and lucked out by finding something pretty. Not a great price but at least it was on sale. After the mall, we decided to head over to Robson street for accessories and shoes. Kay is looking for a pair of ballet flats or something. Wow, Robson street was super busy! I had forgotten that downtown was hosting a Gay Pride Parade and Robson street was crazy busy with the flow from the parade and tourists. Before continuing on shopping, we decided to make a pit stop at the hot dog stand and picked up a Blenz milk chocolate mocha to go. Slowly making our way through Robson street, we did not end up find Kay's shoes but we did end up with a few accessories at Diva on Robson. Kay bought me a necklace that I had decided on (to match my little summer dress) for my birthday, what a sweet girl! I bought her a small gift and a thick headband for myself. After Robson street, we decided to head home because we were meeting Grandma and Auntie Ingrid for my 2nd b'day dinner.

We had dinner at this little Italian place in Richmond which my aunt picked out. She has been there for lunch a few times and said it was pretty good. I found the place to be a little dark and empty but the food was alright, I have had better Italian but I didn't want to say that to my aunt or grandma. After the meal, we headed back to grandma's for some tea and we called it an early night. My aunt brought over a movie but Kay and I decided to pass on this one and head home.

Now I am going to get ready for bed because tomorrow is my b'day and I need to catch some beauty sleep ;)


jenni222 said...

sounds like you had a fun day.
The necklaces are beautiful!

I wish I had a little girl..they are mommy's best friend. I have 2 boys and I'm scared to try for a third one. lol

Trish said...

thank you! my little girl is my little fashionista and personal shopper ;)

wow, 2 boys? must be a handfull! i am hoping my next one is a boy and the third one a girl! i bet if you get pregnant again, you'll have a little girl, the third one the charm :)