Monday, August 14, 2006

More Good News from LA

I am traveling to LA tomorrow and of course, there would be some more interesting news before I head out there.....

like this


just watched the 12:00 news on CNN which stated Downtown LA is currently experiencing a blackout. Probably because everyone has turned up the air conditioning as it is 78°F (26°C).

GREAT. I am so looking forward traveling..... (sarcastic face)


jenni222 said...

Don't worry Trish. I bet everything will be just fine. LA is such a fun place! We go down there at least twice a year.
Have fun!

btw:your new profile pic. looks great!!! =)

peachy said...

ehave a great trip, and i like the new pic to.

Godknows said...

Have a nice trip and dont forget update about it when u get back Ok.

Joss said...

I nearly died when someone said you couldn't take lip balm on board, because I can't live without mine. Hopefully that's changed now. Have a great trip!

continuitygirl said...

I guess you are in LA now, have an awesome trip.