Saturday, August 05, 2006

Early B'day Celebration...

Another exciting day for Kay and I! Let me start off with I'm celebrating my 31st b'day on Monday but I am having an early start :) I have purchased two new b'day gifts to me from me :)

First place to: Downtown Shopping. We headed over to Future Shop and London Drugs to pick up the camera I had decided on because I need it for my trip to LA and to blog my daily life with photos :) First stop, Future Shop, the sales associate stated the Sony Camera DSCH5B did not come in black, only colour available is the silver and I told him, nooooo it does come in black, I saw it in black (in person at Sony store Granville) and on the website it's black. FS told me I was looking at an older model with less features. Whatever. I decided to leave at this point because they obviously had no knowledge on the products they stock or carry and were also not willing to work a deal with me if I purchased the camera at their store. London Drugs next, the camera guy also did not seem to know too much about this model. LD didn't even have one on display for customers to look at, he also told me that the camera was sold out and are still waiting on a backorder from Sony. The sales associate went to his manager to ask for ETA and was told by the manager that there are no Sonys available in the lower mainland. Yeah Right. Ok, again, WHATEVER. To Pacific Centre we went, Sony Store in the mall, the Sony sales associate was very helpful, had both colours in stock and gave me a pretty sweet deal on the camera. I ended up purchasing the black camera (the colour I wanted), a telephoto conversion lens, a 5 year warranty on the camera / lens, 2GB memory card and some cleaning products for the camera lens. Ok, I know it seems a little excessive but in order to get such a good discount, I had to purchase these accessories and I figured I would eventually purchase the lens (because it's pretty cool, more and better zoom). Also, I had decided on the 5 year warranty because a year ago, R bought me a really nice Sony Walkman and I dropped it, destroying the motherboard, just over the one year warranty. I figured no loss in having the extra 4 year protection. After Sony store, Kay and I headed over to Louis Vuitton at Hotel Vancouver to purchase my 2nd b'day gift to me, my new (camera bag) Damier Canvas Speedy 30. Made In France, dated February 2005. I love it! It looks so classy and my little make up bag matches it perfectly because it is also in a Damier Canvas. We headed over to Winners to pick out a new suitcase because Winners had some new colours in (originally looking for a Heys suitcase) and I found one in a dark blue colour which I quite liked. After our purchase, we headed home to drop off the stuff and get ready for dinner.

Birthday dinner #1 at Big Ocean Seafood Restaurant in Richmond with dad and brother. Apparently, they offer a great seafood dinner at a good price. The service is not so good, the food was alright. Crab was served quite nicely and tasted good but you can't really go wrong with crab esp. if it's fresh. The veggie dish was not good, the veggies were old and chewy. The pork chop dish was over cooked and the flavour, not so good. But it was really nice to see my brother and father. After dinner, KD took Kay and I out for bubble tea on Victoria street. KD and I chatted about life with the guy (aka confused little sh--) and I think she is finally coming around to understanding why I am so passionate about CLS being a JERK. But as I have said before, she is an adult and she needs to make her own decisions.

Overall, it was a pretty good day and night. I am so excited about turning 31, it's strange but I am really happy with the direction of where my life is at this moment.

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