Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Shopping Find

Afterwork, Rae & I headed over to Tinseltown to check out the “bargins” at the Aritzia Warehouse Sale. I rarely shop at Aritzia on a regular basis and I haven'’t bought anything from that store in a few years. But I have not been to the famous Ariztia Warehouse Sale that everyone has been to or spoken of. Too bad, I might never get a chance because we didn'’t even make it into the front door. There was a crazy lineup outside and I did not feel Ariztia deserved my time and to make me stand in their line up when the place holding the sale wasn'’t even busy! To me, the sale is not that great or worth my time. Instead we headed upstairs to my fave. art gallery (Ayden Gallery) which carries a huge selection of local designers with very unique pieces. Boy, I did not leave empty handed! My fave. Vancouver designer had a few fall pieces displayed on the rack and I ended up buying a pair of dark grey striped pants (wide legs) which fit me so nicely and a beautifully fitted velvet top in a silver/blue sheen. These are an amazing find and what'’s even better is that both pieces were ON SALE. I love the colour and how both pieces look on me. Oh yes and the back of the top is amazing! What a great shopping day!

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