Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Skin Crisis

I have a sun allergy called photosensitivity and it can be quite painful at times. In Vancouver when I get sunburned, it's usually a small burn contained only on my arms, neck and face. The sun is not so harsh in Vancouver but in LA (I guess with the smog and congestion, there is no ozone layer) the sun is much stronger. It seems that I may have 3rd degree burns on my arms. The skin on my arms are the worst, my skin is flaking and under the flakes are red raw skin, it's so gross and painful. I have not had such a bad burn before and thankfully, I'm on a prescriptive drug and using a medicinal cream for the skin but it's still quite sensitive and painful. I also feel like I am coming down with a cold or something. Last night, I went to bed early but this morning I did not want to wake up. I feel so yucky and I want to go back to bed. Well it's at least Wednesday, only two more days of work before the weekend. I would post a photo of my damaged skin so you can see how badly burned I am but it looks so gross! Oh well, only a few more hours until I can go home.....

Wish I had thought of buying some sun/UV protectant clothing before heading out to LA. Something like this or this.

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