Sunday, August 27, 2006


What a day we had! Today, Kay and I decided to head over to Metrotown for a little school shopping and to pick up some items that Kay needed for her camping trip this week. The mall wasn't too crazy busy but gosh, after stopping at a few stores, I became so tired that I couldn't walk into anymore stores! I had to give up on Mexx, Jacob and MAC because I was too pooped out. It's also hard shopping, it can take a lot of work esp. looking out for hot deals. Kay and I did find some good finds, one being a pretty necklace from Blue Ruby. We picked up a few items for school (Kay) and I picked up some cute fall fashions. I love fall, it's my fave. season. Kay has a $300 school shopping budget and within this budget she needs to pick up a pair of runners or two, two or three pairs of jeans, some long sleeve shirts and maybe a sweater. First stop, Blue Ruby because I saw a huge sale sign ok not huge but a red sign, up to 70% off, HELLO, my current addiction is necklaces esp. ones on sale! I was standing there for a good 10 minutes deciding on which colour I wanted even though I really wanted to buy 2 or 3, I decided 1 is good enough. After Blue Ruby, we stopped by Dynamite because it's on the way to Zellers (which is were we were trying to get to) and I found some really pretty fall pieces to add to my wardrobe. Zellers up next to check out the sleeping bags but they didn't have any (at a great price) and strolled through the kids clothing section and Kay was not impressed on the idea of picking up some school clothes from there. Apparently, it's now too cute for her (last year, we bought a few pieces from there but I guess she is now too grownup for Zellers). Right beside Zellers is Shoe Warehouse and they were having a shoe sale, buy one and get 2nd pair half off (selected items). SW had a sale rack and Kay found a pair of Baby Phats that she wanted to buy but they were like $90.00 on sale! I reminded her of her $300 budget. We didn't find anything else in there because they either didn't have her size in the shoe she liked or the size they did have weren't the ones she liked. Moving along, we headed over to Garage Clothing cuz Kay likes the stuff in there but this season, they have a lot of teenager / highschool stuff and I wasn't too comfortable with the idea of her shopping in there. La Senza was the next stop because there is a new smooth bra available, brand new but after trying on a few different sizes, I decided to keep going (and getting tired of trying bra on after bra). Towns Shoes has a huge summer shoe sale (although I've already gone through the rack previously, weeks ago and didn't find anything) but we were looking for fall shoes, not too much at the moment, I think they are trying to get rid of the summer stock before replenishing the shelves with the fall season shoes. Old Navy, which is one of our fave. places to shop at because they have the best deals even at regular price. Kay picked a few items and I myself couldn't help but to pick up a couple of items. One item being a rosy short sleeved knit sweater to match my tweed (wool) a line skirt from Dynamite. By this time, I was pretty darn tired and skipping a few stores along the way because we still hadn't found any shoes for Kay. We did end up at Payless Shoes and it was BOGO time! She found two pairs, thank goodness, it's hard finding shoes for Kay. She's somewhat picky and choosy. Had a small snack at Cinnabonz (cinnamon bun with cream cheese icing and no raisins!). Superstore to pick up some groceries and bathroom supplies. After all this, we decided it was time to leave the shopping centre and find her a sleeping bag, she has outgrown her cute pink sleeping bag. Stopped by Canadian Tire to pick up a sleeping bag before heading home for dinner.

What a day! Time to get some sleep....

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Joss said...

I saw that rose-coloured sweater at Old Navy the other day. I almost tried the blue version on. Really pretty! :)

continuitygirl said...

I went shopping on Sunday but only came away with a pair of Jeans and a belt!