Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lunch with Erin & Katy

Erin and Katy dropped by for lunch today! It was so nice to see them both and even though Katy was a little grumpy (she missed her morning nap), she is still adorable! Even with the crying and fussing :) We headed over to a little authentic Japanese place for lunch. Very yummy food! I have not had Japanese in a while! Luckily we beat the lunch hour rush (an early lunch at 11am) which meant the restaurant was pretty much empty. Erin decided to comfort Katy by giving her a breast and she eventually calmed down. I had forgotten how babies can cry on and on and on. Just when I was thinking about having another one, baby reality kicks in! Mine's almost a teenager and quite independent. I guess one day, I'll be ready for another one....

It was a really nice lunch date and I really miss having Erin
around, I can't wait until she is back from mat leave!

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