Sunday, August 13, 2006

Running Errands & BBQ

Kay and I had a slow and late start to the day. We both woke up pretty late this morning and both lounged around on the couch or computer. It was another hot hot day today and we were feeling quite lazy. We were suppose to see my mom and aunties but they were going to do some more shopping around at the flea market and yard sales. Kay and I are not interested in doing that esp. in this weather!! We decided to cancel on them and go to Oakridge Shopping Centre instead. We were looking for a sleeping bag for Kay (she has outgrown her cute pink one), a better suitcase lock (for my suitcase, it came with a really crappy one) and some Ms Vicki's potato chips (for my cousin in LA). We ended up picking up a suitcase lock and a few other items but not the sleeping bag (Zellers had a very small selection), we also forgot the potato chips!! I'll be sure to pick them up tomorrow after work. I still have to PACK for LA!! Aaah! I also checked the weather and it's going to be crazy hot and humid out there. Ugh! I am quite excited though even with the terrorist scare. After shopping, I picked up pizza for Kay's dinner as I was heading out for a work function (BBQ at the boss's house - not my boss) with KD. She invited me to go because she can invite up to 2 people to attend this with her. But the BBQ's invite did not include children, kids stay home. KD picked me up and we headed out there, it was a long road trip (the BBQ was in Surrey), to me that is a road trip. It took us about 40 minutes without traffic, I don't know how people live out there and work in the city. I have to say, her boss's house is beautiful and the backyard was amazing but I still wouldn't move out there. His place is hidden away from the major road and it could almost look like the nice part of West Vancouver except for the fact the houses were so close together, ok so now really like West Vancouver, more like Vancouver West except that your neighbor's place is right next door to you. Literally. Small plots with huge homes and yards..... the BBQ is not your typical BBQ, it's an East Indian BBQ. What is an Indian BBQ, you ask.... well, it's BBQ tandoori chicken (soooo yummy!!), spicy potato salad, spicy corn with butter, spicy fried rice, pita like bread, yogurt sauce and green salad of course! It was delicious, I had to go back for seconds minus the bread and rice. Also included in an East Indian BBQ is an unlimited amount of alcohol, they had a bar set up with martinis, sangria and wine. Unlimited. I didn't drink much, only had a glass of red wine and sangria, although I wasn't driving, I didn't feel comfortable enough to drink more than two glasses. After a couple of hours, we decided to call it a night because we both had to work the next day. Overall, it was a pretty good day and I at least left the house. Saturday, I did nothing but sit around in nothing because it was so darn hot outside. Kay on the other hand, enjoyed a day at Cultus Lake Park, lucky brat!

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