Thursday, September 08, 2005

Transit Part 2

I decided to email a formal COMPLAINT to Translink about the #15 bus. As I overheard a coworker say people on the elevator were talking and complaining about the bus. I also spoke to another coworker who also takes the 15 bus and she was also complaining and she got off later than I. She was stuck at the bus stop for over 30 minutes and when she got to the bus stop (around 6.00pm), there were already many people lining up and when it finally came, not everyone was able to get on the bus. That is NOT ACCEPTABLE. We both decided to write in an email.

My Complaint
To whom it may concern,
When Translink announced the new plans for the #15, I thought it would have
been a little better than the current service even with the route change.
But since Tuesday, trying to get home from downtown has been insane and very
very frustrating. Tuesday, I had to wait 15 - 20 minutes for the #15 Cambie
on Granville/Georgia. Wednesday I waited 30 minutes for the #15 on
Granville/Robson. This is ridiculous and NOT ACCEPTABLE. With the
increases in fares and with the RAV line finally being built, I am happy to
see the needed improvements but I do not see any changes with the current
bus services especially the ones that affect me the most. I sincerely hope
there will be improvements with the Cambie bus or I will be forced to drive
to work.

Someone else told me for every ONE complaint equals to ONE HUNDRED complaints as not everyone that was unhappy with the service would complain. I sure hope that is the way it works!

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psychorich said...

Good luck with this. I say privatize the bus services and allow other transit companies to run the routes. Competition = better services. Soon there will be air-conditioned buses running in Vancouver, all for cheaper prices.