Monday, September 05, 2005

Granville Island

Kay and I biked down to Granville Island today. This was a goal of ours to bike before the end of the summer and it happened, yeah! Today of all days, which is kind of funny because I am not exactly feeling the best (still getting over my "cold") but it was a great bike ride. I can't believe it took us 3 hours though. Well of course, we did end up walking around the island. And it was kinda sad but happy too. I guess because the last time we were down there, we were with Richard and it was a good time. We always have so much fun together and now that he is back in Taiwan, it is not the same without him. Well, Christmas is just around the corner!

Kay and I picked up some fresh Okanagan grapes and some fresh pasta / basil!

<--- Grapes.....

Yummy, I am going to attempt to make the tomato basil cream sauce that I have been planning to make for quite some time now.... I hope it turns out, we bought the fresh pasta to go with it tonight. If it turns out looking really nice and yummy, I will post a pic :o)

It was so much funtoday. Kay and I always have such a good time biking around. We talk about what's going on, what she is thinking about, what we are planning to do and girl stuff. Although, she was not too thrilled to be biking it all the way to Granville Island. But I was able to convince her. Besides, it was a quick ride down but on the way back up we had a few hills to conquer. Kay did pretty good though.

I am so glad we end up going outside. The sun was out and it was soooo nice, I could not resist it! But I'm glad I did, I think it might have cleared up my throat! The fresh air did us some good, especially since we have been stucked inside most of the weekend!

Vancouver is beautiful in the summer and we should enjoy it while it lasts....

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