Sunday, September 25, 2005

South Granville

Today was a beautiful Vancouver day. The sun shining and the temperature was perfect (warm), although standing in the shade was a bit chilly. Vin (my best friend) was in town (when I mean in town, I mean in Vancouver - he spends every waking minute as his girl's place which is way out there, Coquitlam) and wanted to see if Kay and I wanted to go for a walk or do something. We decided to head over to South Granville as it was a great street to shop and check out. When we were getting close to Granville, I thought we should have biked/bladed down as parking and traffic is horrendous. But it was a good thing we didn't cuz M, called early to be picked up. We probably made it down, 4 blocks before she called. I think he felt bad so he made us come out to pick her up and he suggested we head over to Kits, to have drinks/appys on a patio (Maloney's) which had a great view! The beach, the water and the people! Chilly though, we ended up in the shade, all the sunny spots were taken. He ended up treating us cuz I think he felt Guilty... hehehe.... Kay and I decided to call it in early as we didn't want to be the "third/fourth" wheel!

On Graville Street, there is a jeweller that is quite famous and well known for their custom designs in engagement rings and etc. Although we did not end up going there, I did find their website and they have some beautiful items. The following picture is one of their designs:

I think I will have to do some research and look into having them design my engagement ring....

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