Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Ok is it really that hard to make a call? One call in one hour? No it is not. Kay went out on her own today with her friends. She was suppose to come home at 5.00pm. She called me at 4:53pm to ask if she could stay out longer. I told her to check in again in an hour. 6:00pm rolls around, no call. 6:30pm, still no call. I start to PANIC and look through her messy desk to find a list of her classmates phone numbers. Eventually finding it under a pile of papers but the number I am looking for is not on it (this was an old classroom list). Ok so more panic is sinking in and terrible thoughts like OMG, she's been kidnapped or maybe she hurt herself on her bike and she's stranded somewhere.... But another thought kicked in, she may have just forgotten (again!!) and she's having fun and will be home before dark. If that is the case, she is so GROUNDED. I call back the number she called me from at 5:00pm and apparently, it's not A. nor S.!! I had forgotten to ask her to write A.'s number down and put it by the computer or on the table. She did say S. would have her sister's cell phone and she would call me from there if she ended up coming home later. Now that did no good either. But she is finally home and boy did I give her hell. She didn't think it was that big of a deal and she was starting to pull an attitude with me because I was getting upset with her. In the middle of explaining why I was so upset and in a near state of a heart attack, her best friend L. calls and asks to speak to her. I said no, she is grounded. She will call you back when she's off her punishment. Kay then got really upset with me. And we started yelling at each other. She decided not to eat dinner and I sent her to take a shower and do her homework. Argh! I'm so mad.

How long should she be grounded for, that is the question. This is not the first time, she has put me through this.

She is suppose to attend a sleepover this Friday, I'm not sure if I should allow her. Well I guess it's been planned already so I shouldn't be the big meanie and take that away from her.

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