Sunday, September 11, 2005


I never realized painting walls were so hard and time consuming. With 3 adults painting a 2 bedroom apartment, it took us almost 5 hours. Gosh.... my brother owes me. When I move into a new house and need walls painted, he is the FIRST one I will call.

I am sure I got a great workout though. And even though I went to sleep quite late last night and woke up so early, I didn't pass out. I think the Mickey D's helped keep me going. Dad treated us a snack before we started and the two "kids" (my step brother and daughter) wanted Mickey Ds, that's where we ended up at. Usually, I do not allow Kay to eat that crap but I figured it would take a couple of hours to paint and thought it was probably a good idea for the kids to eat first. And I didn't feel ill, like I usually do!! And thank goodness we did go to McDonald's before we started, as we didn't finish until almost 9.30pm .... ugh... sore back, sore arms and paint splatters all over my arm!

My friend Erin is pregnant!! Yeah!! I'm so happy for her, she is sooo excited. And now that I have started to knit, I can't wait to knit her a little tuke for her newborn! I'm so excited, the excitement of her being pregnant almost makes me feel like I am ready for another, almost, not quite, maybe soon....

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