Tuesday, March 09, 2010


This morning, I received some pretty disappointing news about my moving plans. Normally I would get very upset, freak out and be really pissed off but this yoga is def helping me cope and deal with issues that come up in my every day life. In fact, Kay and some of my friends have noticed how calm and relaxed I've become. Since I have started up yoga and adding an extra cost to my already stretched budget, I realize you cannot put a price on your sanity and well being. This is def worth the $99 plus taxes that get deducted off my credit card monthly! But back to my issue, I've found out that HonHon's parents are in town next week for at least a week and now I need to postpone my moving. I also need to move items back to where they were so it's not too obvious that I am about to move in! This means, I am now doing three times the moving cos I had already cleaned and cleared out a couple of closets and cupboards for myself and moved items to store but now I am need to put those items back to where I found them until his parents have left. HonHon has suggested that I try to live with as minimal as I can and go back and forth to my storage for items that I need as I need them. IMO, this would be a waste of time, money and gas! I am a little bit disappointed but I understand as he is not quite ready to tell them we are moving in. Now I must come up with a new plan and rethink my moving as I am going to lose an entire week of moving and my friend can only help me with my moving during this month as he is off to Europe for a month long vacation! Breathe, relax and rethink..... to be continued..... (thank goodness for yoga tonite!)

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