Thursday, March 04, 2010


At lunch, I went over to Lululemon to purchase a larger yoga mat carrying bag as my smaller one does not fit all my yoga essentials! I have spent a bit over my budget this month on yoga items but I think it'll be worth it as I plan on taking this up for the long term. At least a year of Bikram yoga and maybe I will look into other types of yoga. Over this past week, my purchases have included 2 pairs of yoga shorts from One Tooth on Robson street ($30 each compared to Lulu's price at $45 - 60 each) and now this huge yoga bag for another $60. I would also like to purchase another Hot Class Tank from Lulu but it is sold out online and none available in the store. I find after trying a couple of different tanks that this is the best one to be in while in the hot yoga class altho I notice many of the women in the class tend to wear bra tops or something similar. I am way to shy to wear just a bra top and I need a bit more coverage so I am really glad that I found this tank, I think it's def the best and most comfortable tank top to be in. As soon as it is available, I'm def going to order another one!

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