Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ashley & Kent's Big Day

Wow, what a gorgeous but very hot (as high as 30!) day for a wedding!

Kay and I attended both the ceremony in the afternoon and the reception at the Fairmount Waterfront. The ceremony was short and sweet, it was so beautiful and those two look amazing together! Everyone at the ceremony had a chance to take photos with the bride, groom and wedding party and after photo taking, Kay, Jess and I went over to IHOP to eat brunch! Both, Kay and Jess were starving! Both also love IHOP and can eat it every week! I can only do IHOP once a month! After brunch/lunch, we decided it would be easiest if we all got ready for the reception at Jess's condo so she could pick out B's outfit. We headed over to her house first to pick up her items, then over to our place to pick up my items and back over to B's condo. There was a bit of disagreement on what time we should be at the reception and what B should wear but in the end it all worked out. The reception was beautiful and the food was pretty good except that my sirloin steak was not done the way I would have liked it but generally it was a beautiful reception with lots of great people. (More photos of flickr)

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