Saturday, November 26, 2005

Kay got her hair cut today and OMG, it costed me $40.00!! She is such a diva! She wanted to get highlights done as well and I'm like no way! It's going to cost me over $80.00! I told her to ask her Uncle to get them done for her. We won't have to pay the salon prices if he could do it.

It's a really nice cut though. Lisa did a good job. Now, Kay wants me to purchase some leave in conditioner and some hair products. Aaah... she's becoming a little princess Diva... hehehe...

As we were already at the mall, we decided to get her a jacket. She needs a jacket as her current winter jacket is no longer warm. She's had it for a few years so I figured ok, I think we better get her a new one as it's getting really cold out there! She picked out a black puffy jacket with a fur trimmed hoodie. Very cute. Very trendy. It's her Xmas present from Grandma and Great Grandma. Before they left for HK, they had given me some cash to get Kay's gift. The jacket was $35.00 over the cash gift. I am debating if I should take it out of her account. She has no comment.

I also bought a couple of items for a couple of girlfriends. I hope they like it! One of them is celebrating her 20th birthday this weekend. Yes, 20th. I don't remember what it was like turning 20. It's been so long! She's a real sweetie. She's our receptionist and she does a lot for us. I hope she likes her gift.

I also could not help but buy this hat. I love the colour and I love that it may match my future Gucci purse! hehehe... also, I washed my last Kango hat and it shrunk :-( So I have been looking for a replacement and I found it!

M is coming over tonight to catch up. It's been months since we last saw each other! We have tons to catch up on. Must clean up and make the place a little bit comfortable....

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