Friday, December 09, 2005

NEW Chocolate Brown Pumps

I could not help it, I had to buy these pumps. They were on sale and I know I was suppose to be Christmas Shopping for family/friends but I got a little distracted with the big sale sign stating up to 50% off shoes. But they are so pretty and I have a dark brown suit with pink pinstripes* that will go perfectly with these shoes.... I have a shoe problem....

*Taken From Here

Fall Fashion: I love Fall Fashion and the other day, I got some really great deals at Winners. I love Winners. I got a chocolate brown suit with pink pinstripes. Beautiful, now I just need to alter the pants as they are just a tad too short. I also got a beautiful pair of black pants with white pin stripes. Also needs to be tailored. Kay and I ended up at Metrotown last week (while checking someone's mail) and we didn't get a chance to go into the new Winners at Metrotown but it's HUGE and it's NEAT and ORGANIZED. LOVE IT. I can't wait til we head back over there, we are going to go a little bit earlier so we can check out the new Winners. *sigh* wish I had a credit card that had an endless amount and that the bill never came to me.....That's it for now.... back to work....
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Kami said...

Those are way cute. I always seem to find stuff for myself when shopping for others. Funny how that happens.