Saturday, December 10, 2005

Home Theatre

So I have a shoe problem but My Father has an electronic gadget problem. He is a super electronic freak. Whenever he sees something on sale or at a good price, he will buy it. Whether he needs it or not. Last week, he went to Best Buy in Richmond because it was a Grand Opening and ended up buying a Yamaha Home Theatre at a really good price. Also he could not drop it because there were limited amounts of this theatre system on sale (yes he thought he was a special one). Ok, I admit, he did get it at a really good price ($279.99, regular $499.99) but HE DID NOT NEED IT. You ask, where did it end up? In my tiny little apartment! I do not need a fancy Home Theatre System because my place is small and I do not want to move this system out. I am never moving.

My friend, V---- comes by to set this up for me because I have no idea how and where to begin. He takes a look at it and tells me I need to buy wires, plugs, blah blah, sounds costly doesn't it? Yes it is. $300.+ to be exact and that includes having to buy a new DVD player because my crappy one doesn't have the optical output to get the optimize sound out of this theatre system... wtf?? I got this for free!! I'm not spending any money on this thing... hello, I didn't ask for it!! Aaaah... I thought I was going to have to leave it in the box. But thankfully, my friend V---- is super electronically smart and decided we could go the "inexpensive" route by purchasing a XXX cable (no clue what it is) and get the minimal sound quality out of this machine and not have to leave it sitting in the box. We hooked it up and it's DA BOMB! (jeez, I have never used that expression in my life) Now, I am thinking, hmmm how does it sound with the more expensive cables? He did say, this is a "temporary solution" because the way he wired and plugged it in... well, I guess it is fine the way it is until I really want to shed out the extra $$.....

How sweet it is......

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